Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Wow. It is already Wednesday again! So we've been a little bit hit and miss with a "What the heck are we up to Wednesday" sort of post...because well, we don't want to bang you over the head with all of the things that we are constantly doing. We like to post a lot of reviews and a lot of teasers and fun things that get us excited about we hope that is working for you too! But..since it has seriously been a while..let's recap! 

We've been teasing everyone like crazy with some books that we want/can't wait/desperately need to read through blog tours & release day events and cover reveals!!!! 

And there have been some really, really amazing books  to the top of our To Be Read list...
Is anyone else having the problems we are with getting too many books with all of these new New Adult sections. It is wayyyy too easy to find them all in one place now! Good for authors...Good for our obsessive reading habits....Bad for bank accounts! 

We digress....this next week we have some really fun books lined up for review that we feel like you might enjoy! ...

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  1. Thanks for the shout out, C and S! =) Hopefully you guys are still talking me after next week ;)


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