Tuesday, August 13, 2013


So, ladies and gentleman. Welcome to the weekly taste that is Shelley and I being dramatic as usual. We couldn't find the texts where we said this is soooooo goooood a bajillion times. We think they might have been eaten by g*chat and just couldn't find them anymore. Though, we did have some good discussion on this one. Spoiler free for once, which is a miracle in itself! Enjoy! \m/

S: meanwhile. i'll be in angst heaven with No Reverse.
S: i get all twitchy just thinking about it
C: jealous!

S: hahahaha
S: I'm enjoying No Reverse. Hope to finish it today 
C: Good pick?!

S: Yes! Enjoying it!!
C: Who are rooting for to be together

S: Cass and Josh!
S: Ugh. 70% and shiiiiit. Now I don't know what to think. 
C: Ahhhh!!!! Uh oh

C: Starting NR, so I have my predictions already!

S: I'm all sorts of torn up and confused. I don't know how
or what to feel!! Gah!
C: Where are you
S: 81% but I've been conflicted the entire time!!!
C: :(
S: Ugh!!! I'm pouting. I have to put this down to take
Allee to meet her teacher and things are getting cray
cray, Court!!!
C: Ahhhh!!!! I'm nervous right now & she just got to

S: I am so confused about who I like and what I want to
happen. Lol
C: Me either....waaaaaa!!!
S: This book has me all sorts of twisted
C: !!! Ahhh! Thank god it reads fast
S: I just know you'll have some good texts for me later.
C: I'm sick!
S: Sick?
C: With worry for this book!
S: You should be!
C: Why!
S: Bc it makes you crazy with worry

S: And trying to figure out who you want to do what with!
C: I know! Ggaaahhhhhhh
C: It's a sickness that I like torturing myself this way

S: I do too, sadly
C: !!!
C: I want it to be simple cut and dry that I want those
two together, f**k

S: Wellllll....
C: Shel...
C: Who else is there?

S: People!
C: Shelley
S: Too many people
C: Shelley
S: I know
S: Boy, do I know
C: !!! Lol already to 18%
S: You'll probably finish or before I do. Lol
C: Hahaha I'll try not to
S: Reading on my phone ....again
C: Lol! 

S: No, Courtney ....just no.
S: And wow
C: What
C: What
C: What!
(I obviously thought she wasn't responding quick

C: I'm at 42
S: There are more books in this series and they aren't out
C: What
C: The
C: F**k

S: !!!!bloody hell
C: So it ends on a cliff
S: Sort of!!
C: Ahhhhhhhh
S: A little resolution but so many questions
C: .....will I be happy with any of the resolution
S: As much as you can be
C: ....what does that mean
S: Mwahahahaha
C: :( lol

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