Tuesday, August 6, 2013


As always, we bring you the insanity that is us reading a book. Hope you enjoy and maybe read it to have as much angst and fun as we do...Beware of possible spoilers! Not bad this week though if I do say so myself! 

C: Oop cillian already I'm the dog house :(
S: Lol. No!

S: Auto correct keeps trying to correct Cillian
C: B*tch! (AKA - our special name for Autocorrect) 
S: He's a hot one
C: Indeed....I love her books, sad she's only doing one more 
S: Me too. Pouting 
S: So obviously Maeve and Cormac are going to be the sources of our problems I'm guessing
C: Yep, not gonna be good!!!
C: It is so effortless to read sb!
S: It really is
C: Where u b?
S: 35%...talking to her mom about C. You?
C: 39.. At a concert....seeing steamy things in my future! 
C: We're like right there together, which makes my heart happy...
btw...false alarm! Ugh they need to have sex already
C: Oh f**k! 
C: 42%.....first taste of chaos 
S: Oh yeah...with SB that's a guarantee
C: & not the good kind
S: Uh oh!!!
C: This book is sooooo goooooooood
S: :)
C: OMG, 53% falling over dead if he's doing what i think he's doing 
C: Oh damn, no details 
S: Sure! Lol! I just want to reside in her imagination and meet these hot guys
S: Ugh I'm 6% behind u
C: She touches on angst coming just like she eludes to sexy times....
it's gonna suck when it blows up in our face 
S: Yup! It is...good news tho. We know it'll end good. Right? I mean it has too!!!!!
C: It better or I will stroke!
S: Nope! You can't do that bc you have a date with my boyfriend Adam tomorrow (AKA Adam Levine!) 
C: I will do my best 
C: Oh sh*t...
S: Break to eat.. But damn that Maeve!!!
S: What???!!!!
C: Maeve....seeds of doubt planting bitch
S: What %
C: 69, can't remember what % that was but somewhere in the later 60s I think, you'll know.............
ahhhhh part I'm at right now
S: Eeek. Can't wait 
C: Sweet cillian is so delicious! Ahhh
S: Awww . I've got to read faster! Lol
C: Lol yeah but then it will be over :(
C: Nooo!
C: Well f**k it all to hell...I hit the magic number..%#*>^
S: Nooooooooooo
S: :(
C: F**king idiot 
S: Oh grrrrreat
S: Don't tell me... I can guess
C: It blindsided me in a way I didn't expect though 
S: Maeve is such a pyscho and Cillian is such a fool. Dumb dumb dumb
C: Ahhh I know!!!
S: The end! Wow. I really read that in a few hrs! Lol
C: Ahhhh I know!!!!!!!!!!!! Me too!!!!!!!! It flew by!!!
S: It sure did!!!
C: Whooooooooooo

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