Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Today, our shenanigans come from the absolutely awesome, incredible, and soul crushing/putting back together rollercoaster ride that is If You Leave by Courtney Cole

We do want to *warn* you...major *spoilers* ahead, so please proceed with caution. *Please*

C: & first chapter of if you leave! Whoa! Almost as cray as if you stay
S: Can't wait to get to it!!!
C: It is so fast, I'm already at 16%
S: Whoa!!!
C: If you leave, gabe & brand are awesome military badasses in you leave
C: Funny one liners from pax 
S: Ohh sweet
C: Yeah gabe even thought "what the hell kind of name is pax anyway" haha
S: Haha

Since we're multi-tasking readers, I had to include this random tidbit from another book...
S: I'm such a pervert. after he says his break up is difficult she says it's always hard, right? I am like why is she making a dick joke? 
C: Hahahahahahaha

And Autocorrect has a way of always making one or both of its b*tch
S: Well thank f**k for small memories 
S: Miracles
S: Shit

S: Shouldn't text and talk at the same time
C: Hahaha no! 
S: Lol

C: IYL (If You Leave) --- *lots of crying Emojis*
S: Uh oh!!!!!
C: Yeah...63%..:nix times like 1000
C: Oooommmmmmgggggg please don't let him do this...f***ccccckkkk
S: Not motivating me to want to read lol
C: Naw...crisis averted but seriously about had me jumping off the sanity cliff there for a sec, shee-it
C: & you knnooooowwww you wanna know
C: *More crying emojis* omfg
S: Um after these texts I am scerred
S: Evil evil!!!
C: They totally have sex in the rain on her back porch! Focus on that!
S: Hahaha!!! You know me so well!!!
C: :) 
C: Ok it was f**king awesome!! Do not be scared because I am dramatic! Lol
S: This book is addictive. 
C: So awesome!
C: She's such a great writer
S: She really, really is
C: You will die when you read the teaser from the next book! He's a movie star! & she comes out with a bang just like always
S: Well the sexual tension in IYL keeps building...she's good at doing that!
C: Ahhhh I know! The wait is pure torture 
S: I want them to just do it already. A lot of times 
S: Lol
C: :) I felt the exact same way!
S: Haha. Great minds
S: And holy f**k.
S: He choked her in his sleep
S: Intense!!!!!! Insane!!!!! 
C: Now you're in the parts that made me cry
S: *Lots of crying emojis* 
C: Just wait! She really writes so amazing & this is just up there!!
S: Deep breaths!
S: Yoga breathing. 
C: 4/7/8
C: Oh Shelley, this is the most in there PTSD military book I've ever read...if you can't stay up all night I would stop right now 
S: Grrrreat. F**k
S: I was up til 2:40 last nite. Shit
C: You'll one more page that shit til 2 in the morning & a finished book! Lol
S: Ack! Lol
C: Lol. 
S: Must have willpower 
C: Lol that's why we're normally zombie walkers, we have none
S: True. 
S: Finishing this chapter . That is all. Lol 
C: Lol good idea probably 
S: It is. But it sucks bc all I want to do is read. Fml. Oh well. Self preservation. Lol
C: Lol
C: I hear ya sista 
S: Not liking this Alex chick
C: No she is a bitch...luckily insignificant but still a bitch
S: I mean WHO does that!?? Skank
C: Nasty skank
C: Some women and just so gross
S: Gah. Exactly
S: And why are our book BF's so dumb sometimes?
C: Girl..I do not know...you think he's dumb, wait til you start waiting..holy shit
S: Sigh. Big sigh. Grrrreat
C: The only thing that kid has going for him is that he's an asshole teenager, Gabe  I'm not sure why he is so clueless 
C: So much for me getting up & writing reviews for these! Gah!
S: Damn. Now Annie is throwing herself at them. Shit
S: Him not them
C: Yeah....she's a crazy girl
S: Aw f**k. Please tell me that she doesn't kill Tony. F**k me
C: .....S: *crying emojis*
C: Right! Where are you now
S: Funeral.
S: Finally ...after 101 interruptions! I finished!!!! Yay
C: Yay!!!!! Wasnt the ending ahfreaking mazing
S: It really was!!
C: OK so tell me what you thought about the next book!!!
S: Is that jacey as in gabes sister? And whoa
C: Yes!!!!!
C: Very brad deluca isn't he

S: Cray! 

And there you have it..another insane texting marathon. I'm so lucky to have the best co-blogger a girl could wish for!

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