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REVIEW: Sojourn by Cecilia London

Shel: This may sound strange for those who've read Sojourn but this novel was a way for me to catch my breath after book 2, Conscience. Where book 2 was brutal, this novel was more hope-filled. Caroline struggled, and she hurt, and she tried her damnedest to erase every memory of her recent past (both good and bad)... and I'm not sure how she functioned but I couldn't help but admire how hard she fought to reach a semblance of normalcy.  Court: I liked that about this one very much. Part 2 was so...action...oriented. And, desolate, to me. And this one was as much hopeful as it was sad. She has a huge undertaking ahead of her, and it was hard to see...but then, as I said it was hopeful because we know with 3 parts left to go that some action is going to happen. and happen it did. 

Shel: Caroline's new normal was Crunch, Gabe, Jones and the ever present dreams and memories of her friends, her family, Jack, and to a lesser extent her torture. (Dude, under any other circumstance those vivid dreams would've been killer, in this instance they were soul crushing. THANKS FOR KILLING MY SPIRIT, CECILIA.) Caroline's new friends were really great--the kindness, support, and protection they provided her added to this undercurrent of hope that I felt dumb to allow myself to feel (because hello, we have 3 more books to read). Yet because these men were just such good guys, I couldn't help but feel that hope. <insert Cecilia London's maniacal laughter at me, here> Court: I still like that we are on the same wave length even before I read what you say. Because, I liked to hope for even one good thing to happen to this woman in my time with her during each part. Just begging for one good thing over here. But, the writing is still very good. The present parts are way more exciting for me, but I know that each part of the past tells us more about our characters and I need the information...but find myself hankering to get to the next part of the present to find out if she'll see her family again! I have to have hope that this'll happen! 

Shel: As things progress and Caroline gets healthier and plans begin to take shape I found myself more and more anxious--waiting for the other shoe to drop. Every move, every new person, every everything had me jumpy and I loved it--I don't think I've read the last 15% of a book that fast in a LONG time. And then...then? Fuck me running if Cecilia London doesn't mindfuck me in that last chapter and make me so freaking paranoid that she was going to do something awful to Caroline that I thought I was going to break my heart. Yep. Some things happen that were so unexpected and the reactions ranged from disbelieving to curious to relief to *cue happy sad face* and then it ends and GAHHHHHHHHHH. IT ENDS AND I NEED MORE.Court: Yes. I think that is good advice: be suspicious...always. I hate to think of something like this every happening...but whew...desperate times call for desperate measures, and Caroline's ability to channel her inner warrior when need be...was inspiring. And even though her thoughts betrayed her, and we as the reader knew how scared she is and how desperate she is for information on her family and not accepting what might be true it is again very inspiring. The last part. Just wow. Expect the unexpected always! twists and turns surprised me, and the last part just slayed me. 

Shel: This series and these characters have become people in my life--I think of them, I wonder how they're feeling, how Cecilia London is treating them, what will happen next, etc. etc and I can't CECILIA LONDON: GET TA WRITING AND GET US BOOKS 4-6 STAT! Court: I am very excited for the next part too...check out this political saga right will not regret it! 

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Haunted by her experience at The Fed, Caroline tries to create a new identity. A new present, a new future. She can’t escape the memories that dog her when she least expects it, leaving her mired in a depression that she finds difficult to escape. Caroline needs to regain her physical and mental strength if she intends on surviving the journey to find the elusive rebellion. But that’s easier said than done with the ghosts of the past constantly whispering in her ear.

The road is long and dangerous, and there are no guarantees. She and her companions have no idea what they will find when they arrive at their destination. And what they finally discover may change everything.

Sojourn is not a standalone and should be read after the first two books in the Bellator Saga. 

For readers 18+. Ends in a cliffhanger.

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