Monday, February 1, 2016

15 Book Confessions (AKA Court is Going to Kill Me By The End of the Month)

This weekend I apparently lost my mind and decided to take on a #bookish challenge. (COURT IS GOING TO KILL you Courtney). Day 1 is 15 bookish here goes nothing?

1. I've never read Twilight or Harry Potter.
2. Until late last year, the only vampire thing I'd read was Anne Rice's The Vampire Chronicles.
3. I've read FSoG and I didn't hate it.
4. I saw FSoG and I didn't love it...this is bookish, right?
5. Until about 3 years ago I was a book snob...because...
6. I teach high school literature and I took my reading a little too seriously?
7. Until recently, I didn't willingly pick up YA but Dahlia Adler changed that for me.
8. I've spent years reading literary fiction and I have a love hate relationship with it which is why..
9. I love writing for this blog because it's such a delicious brain break from how much I have to think all day.
10. I can sit still for hours and read but I cannot do the same for tv/movies.
11. Sometimes writing a review is the most painful part of my day because it's either too hard to find the right words to express how meaningful the book is, or the book was good but not outstanding..and how do I say that without being insulting?
12. I have a book that my mom gave me. She read it as a teen, I read it as a teen, and my daughters will have a chance to read it too--it's one of the few things that survived my apartment fire in college.
13. Sometimes at meetings, I read on my phone.
14. I'm pretty sure reading is my worst habit--I'm truly addicted to reading.
15. I've met some of my favorite people because of books.

Not sure if these all qualify as BOOK CONFESSIONS and the whole idea of a confession makes it seem like I should feel guilty, but I don't, so...?

OMG. This list is daunting. Especially, as her list is so awesome!

1. I've read Twilight 3 times, and Harry Potter more than 12 times each.
2. I love to hate books with infidelity in them, and feel better about myself if the "other" person is an asshole.
3. I take 5 times longer to clean my house because I hold my phone while doing everything and reading
4. I have tendinitis in my hand due to swiping my kindle app on my phone. I have to wear a brace when it gets to be too much.
5. I don't read authors books anymore once I see them behaving badly on the internet.
6. When I read, I tune out the world around is a habit my spouse and family does not appreciate.
7. I was an avid reader as a child, and in high school, but didn't really start the "finish-a-book-a-day" thing until 2012...and met Shelley soon after!
8. I am the worst book procrastinator EVER, even when I know the book will be great. Shelley will probably tell you this is my worst attribute.
9. I can read really fast...which is why number 8 happens so often...I overestimate my skills.
10. I love romance more than any other genre, because stories about our partners in life and all of the struggles in between can be so epic.
11. I think we read indie authors more than any other publishing type.
12. I lost count of my unread books on my kindle app after 500, and probably don't want to know what the actual number is.
13. The crazier the character (Joe, I'm looking at you, from YOU by Caroline Kepnes) the better...antiheroes are our favorites.
14. I tell my husband when he complains how much I read that I could be a drug addict and spend all of his money on that, so he should get over it.
15. I worked all day at making this list...and I think I am lame. LOL!

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