Sunday, February 7, 2016

GETTING TO KNOW US: Books We Flung Across the Room

The last books that had me all sorts of twisted up in angsty craziness were the first two books in The Bellator Saga by Cecilia London.

Book 1, Dissident, was engrossing and I couldn't put it down ..and then the end happened and I was so very glad that book 2, Conscience, was out. Conscience was the book that made me crazy with angst and worry and curiosity. I had to put it down a lot and step away because it was INTENSE. Book 3, Sojourn, was also intense and the last chapter was also freaking insane. Now I'm not so patiently waiting until Books 4-6 to come out. (Click on the image of the book for more information or to purchase the books).

Another book that had my jaw on the ground was First Touch by Laurelin Paige. THAT ENDING HAD ME ALL LIKE THIS: 

And I'm very much looking forward to seeing what happens in book 2. 

There's one more book that the ending had me dying for more and that's Thirty Nights by Ani Keating. If you haven't read it, I'm curious about what your thoughts are when you finished. 

I love a good angsty read every once in a while and am looking forward to seeing how the writers make me crazy in their next books. 

The most angst filled books are ones I love to hate, and hate to love. It is an interesting dynamic. Like, I wonder what else could be thrown at the characters and I want to just not care...but I can't! It's like a train wreck! 

So, my top picks are ones it's been a while since we read...but I still remember the pain vividly! 

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