Friday, February 5, 2016


 This is really interesting question. If I'm going to be completely honest, Courtney is the ultimate blogging bestie. We are in contact every single day. We support each other in trying new books, ideas, social media platforms and we support each other in our personal lives. Out of all the people who've come and gone in the last 3 years, Courtney has been my one constant. 

In the past, we've tried our hand at being close to other bloggers and as noted in our end of the year/welcome 2016 post, we were both burned by some ugliness out there. What did I learned from that experience? I learned that even though we don't get paid a dime for what we do, and even though MOST book bloggers post blogs for the pure enjoyment of reading, apparently the book blog world is a lot more underhanded, competitive, and ugly than I thought. In a perfect world, I'd love to be able to reach out to other bloggers to either offer support or work on a project and not ever worry about ulterior motives. In a perfect world, all of us are about promoting the books that we enjoy, sharing that with others and not worrying about how many likes, followers, comments, views, etc someone is getting. And in an effort to reach that perfect world, Court and I are not worrying about numbers and instead are focusing on the books we enjoy. So, I can't say that we have blogging BFFs but I can say that there are a few blogs that I enjoy reading/viewing and here are just a few of those:
  • Vivian has been a wonderful friend to our blog -->
  • Michele Bookstaves has the best haikus and the sharpest reviews --->
  • I've never actually interacted with the women at Book Baristas but they have gorgeous Instagram images and are always so positive --->
  • Aestas is also a blogger I've followed from afar and her enthusiasm for the books she loves is really unparalleled, if exclamation point are any indication--->
  • Dahlia Adler has, without a doubt, had a huge influence on my book purchases this year (I'm not sure if she counts because she's a writer and a blogger/book pusher but I can't leave her off the list). --->
I'm fairly certain that I'm missing a few really great blogs so check back as we update our lists. 

Just the paragraphs above me seriously make me love this woman's mind, and I can't tell you how lucky I am to know her. Blogging BFF, life BFF, book soul mate, life soul mate...whatever title you want to give her, Shelley is that person. She gives everything of herself to me, and to this blog...and if I don't meet this woman with her presence in the same geographical place as mine in 2016 I may just go into a coma like Sleeping Beauty. 

Alas, she is right though. It is hard getting to know people on the internet...and just wow with what you do find, so to find people that are genuine, and not going to turn on you is difficult. Shelley and I's relationship is the outlier in my opinion, and I love seeing when other people find that same joy! Another mention to add to her list is Samnang Anastasia and she is a blog supporter of ours, and an amazing person even if I haven't talked to her in a while! She will be hopefully launching her own blog soon, and I can't wait to see it! This woman is also amazing, genuine and really touched my heart when I needed it most with her thoughtfulness. <3 

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