Saturday, February 13, 2016

GETTING TO KNOW US: Blogging Quirks

Do I have quirks? I mean..maybe? Probably? Yeah. I definitely have quirks and Courtney could probably tell you better about all of my annoying habits. I'd love to think I'm laid back but I don't think I am. I'm constantly emailing Court with things like
"add this address to your kindle"

"do you mind posting our reviews to x,y, and z?" 

" whatever you do, DONOTWASTEYOURTIME on...because it sucks"

"can you?"

"did you?"

HOLY SHIT. How is Courtney even my friend? I'm a bossy bitch. 

My worst quirks--being lazy about posting to social media, never updating my goodreads account, and mircomanaging the hell out of our emails and the calendar. 

Somethings that may work in my favor? 

I love reading and talking about books and I think that now that Court and I have 'dialed back' what we're doing here, our genuine affection for each other, our books, the writers we love, and the people who interact with us come through. 

Not sure if these count as 'quirks' but it's all I got.

They're not bad ones if they are! Mine, are bad. Procrastination. Thinking I have plenty of time to do (a) so I go ahead and get right onto (b) and then don't have time for...either. And don't even get me started on my computer. I blame it. For a lot of my troubles. Or mostly Scarlet O'Hara-ing my life and thinking I can just do that that tomorrow...write that review tomorrow. And well, here I am...2 days late in writing this post. But, I am glad that Shelley loves me. Because I personally want to slap myself for my bad habits! 

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