Tuesday, February 23, 2016

GETTING TO KNOW US: Why Blog About Books?

Why blog about books? 
Why not?!

Sure, there are a million and one book bloggers out there but that doesn't mean we don't have THOUGHTS too. Between our full time jobs, I think Court and I bring a unique perspective to some of our book reviews. She definitely has things to say about anything medical and I definitely have thoughts about anything school related. Since that rarely covers the majority of our reviews (hahaha), it's fun to see how our 15 year age difference colors the way we see things and I find it very interesting to see how little it actual does. Crazy, huh? Sure every once in a while I go apeshit crazy in love for something and it's just okay for her or she's madly in love with something that is meh for me, but truly it's very rare that that happens. I guess at the end of the day, I like to talk books and Court likes to talk books and this spaces allows us to do that. Yay for us and all the men and women out there who have something to say and say it. I'm so grateful that Court suggested we give this a shot and that we've done what we've done, we're continuing to try new things, and we've met so many great people along the way.

Yes! A million times yes! I love it. Because I was reminded today when discussing You by Caroline Kepnes with a girl I work with (she was currently at 46% and dying and I loved it) just how much I love recommending books to people. And how much I truly feel good about life when they enjoy a recommendation I give them, and respect my opinion about it enough to try something not in their comfort zone or designated go to box. And Shelley and I have talked about how book soul-matey we are from the beginning, and I find that to be the most rewarding thing too. It is very rare that we don't enjoy the same things in pretty darn close to the same way, but it is NOT rare that if she says girl...we can't do this or vice versa that we don't take that recommendation and clear that from our life STAT. And yes, I may be an ortho snob, who gets really, really bitter when things are said wrong...but I generally only subject her poor self on my snobbery, and save the rest of the world from my meanness. I am working on the meanness. :-/ LOL! SO, all in all, even though I am the worst procrastinator with the worst case of "I'll do that tomorrow..." that Scarlett has ever seen...I love this blog, and I love my blog partner. Couldn't and wouldn't do it without her. 

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