Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Today we're talking about TEN things we find appealing about other blogs.

  • Non-cluttered spaces--I love a very clean, sleek looking blog. I don't like to be overwhelmed with a ton of text, flashing lights, music, etc. I'm a simple girl.
  • Great graphics/images/photos--I'm a visual person, what can I say?
  • Balance--I like things to be spaced evenly, or in a way that makes sense to my brain, so that text and graphics aren't on top of each other.
  • Easy to navigate--that the tabs are easy to find and that they are what they say they are.
  • Links--Buy links, author links, article links, etc. work.
  • Their 'thing'--many blogs look exactly the same, feature the same things, review the same works, so when I find a blog that tries to do something different, it grabs my attention.
  • Trustworthiness--Whether it's a book blogger, a news blogger, or a fitness blogger, I want to know that what s/he is telling me is honest and not based on a relationship with a product or company, etc. and if they weren't getting paid, etc. they wouldn't be promoting it. 
  • Funny--I like humor so the funnier, the better.
  • Writing--We're not all writers and even fantastic writers make mistakes, but if I find a blog that's constantly riddled with errors, I may or may not come back. A blogger who makes me feel like I'm in his/her inner circle...who reaches me with his/her words, that's a blogger I'll follow.
  • Reviews--if the blog reviews something, I want to know about the product and I want a review that doesn't just rehash the same things everyone else is saying. If they're critical, I want to know why and if they're ecstatic, I want to know why about that as well. 
And that's my top ten (for now).

I like the way you think, and I say that a lot so I don't think I can find too much *more* that you haven't already said, but I will definitely agree with everything. I find I like it when it seems like a blogger puts as much time into as we do (And some may not like the way our blog looks so I'm not saying we have all this figured out more than another) but I like that Shel said sleek and clean are our thing...because it definitely is. 

I like when I can read the text, and the body of the post isn't overshadowed by the background...

I like as Shel said when the important stuff is linked. You want me to buy it, please help me out and give me a link for it! 

And I just like personable writing. I hope that our true personalities shine through on our posts, and I like it when I read someone's inner thoughts about something they read and I feel what they felt. That really is what makes me want to read something, and that matters the most to us! 

I can't really think of 10 new things to say! (Sucks to suck!) but I really, really enjoy reading and supporting other blogs and making new friends. It is the highlight of our days! 


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