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Twenty-one years ago, Gabriella's life was stolen from her before it even began.

Orphaned at birth and encompassed in a fortress of lies to protect her identity, she never truly understood her purpose on this earth. But now that she has ascended, embracing her destiny, the ghosts of her past have come back to haunt her.

Even with insurmountable power running through her veins, part of Gabriella is irreparably broken. And with old enemies working to destroy the tiny shred of normalcy she has left, she'll be forced to face the ugly truth about Dorian, the man she chose to love despite his darkness.

Everything she loved is a lie, and everyone she thought she knew is a stranger. And now that Gabriella is about to be thrust into the battle of her life, she discovers that she may be fighting for the wrong side.

*This is book 3 of The Dark Light Series, the highly anticipated conclusion to Gabriella and Dorian's beautifully tragic love story.



I finally turn to Dorian to find him naked and so close that my breasts press against the top of his abs. My lips part automatically, but he doesn’t kiss me. He never gives me what I want—just what I need.

“You want to explain that look earlier?” he deadpans looking down at me, his voice low and sinister.

“What look?” I slide my hands up onto his shoulders, yet he still doesn’t touch me.

“Between you and my brother. And don’t lie. I know when you lie. And it will just make it worse for you.”

Without looking him in the eye, I give him a carefree smile. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Suit yourself.”

He's kissing me hungrily, angrily, painfully before I even know what's happening. His greedy hands cup my breasts, so swollen for him, and pinch my nipples hard enough to leave a lingering sting. I yelp into his mouth and he nips my bottom lip with his teeth.

“Hurts, doesn’t it?” he rasps, pulling away just enough to utter the words. He doesn’t even give me a chance to answer before he’s kissing me again, smothering my little whimper and whines with his lips and tongue.

Still devouring my resistance, he parts my thighs and cups my sex possessively, as if he's holding a rare jewel in the palm of his hand. Then, without warning or provocation, he sinks two fingers inside of me to the knuckle.

"What are you doing, Dorian?" I manage to gasp against his demanding lips.

He looks at me—wild with lust or fury or both. I feel myself grow hotter and a bead of sweat trails its way between my breasts. Dorian doesn’t even think about it. He bends his head and licks the salty droplet, his tongue not stopping until his lips are at my jaw. His voice is gruffer than I have ever heard it and it frightens and entices me. "Reminding you."

I blink once...twice...before good sense returns. "Of what?"

He eases his fingers out slowly, those pale blue eyes lit with passion trained on me, before pushing them back in to the hilt. "Who owns this."

His face is buried in my neck in the next second and he inhales deeply, breathing me & fingering me all at once. Bringing us both to heaven with such deviant acts. I try to swallow my screams as his skillful fingers beckon my orgasm, commanding I come for him, but he won't have it. His other hand fists a handful of my hair and pulls so hard that my head snaps back, ensuring that I can see him and only him.

"Scream for me."


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Dark Light

(Dark Light #1)


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The Dark Prince

Dark Light #2



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A Dark Light Novella



About the author:

S.L. Jennings is a New York Times & USA Today bestselling author of contemporary and paranormal romance, reality TV junkie, obsessive coffee drinker and collector of crazy.

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