Sunday, September 14, 2014


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She never thought that she could have him. He never wanted anyone but her.

When a violent attack scarred Alexandra 'Lexa' Harrington four years ago, she thought she would never have a chance dating the man who saved her and took her to the hospital that night. Jack Daniels was just too perfect with his mesmerizing eyes and easy charm to be interested in a perpetual wallflower like her. If only she knew...

Falling for the girl he saved from a drunk student was the worst thing Jack Daniels ever did. Especially, as the girl in question didn't seem to feel anything but gratitude in return. Convinced that his presence in her life reminded her of an incident she would rather forget Jack gave Lexa the space she deserved. There was no point in chasing after someone who could never be interested in him. If only he knew...
Four years later, Lexa has had enough of her wallflower image and signs up for the Beginners class at New York’s hip pole dance studio Crystal’s. She is determined to finally learn how to be sexy. The only problem: dancing costs money. How convenient that she is offered a paid internship at Jack's company at roughly the same time. But working together with her longtime crush turns out to be anything but straightforward. That instant attraction Lexa felt towards Jack all this time ago has only grown over the years. And while Jack seems to return her feelings, Jack's new 'blonde bombshell client' puts a strain on their budding relationship.

It doesn't take long until a misunderstanding threatens to drive the young couple apart. Now Lexa has to decide: will she keep hiding within the boundaries of her comfort zone, or will she take a chance, put her new pole dance lessons to good use and win back the man she loves once and for all?

S.G. Lovell grew up in Austria, Sweden, and UK, but currently calls Australia 'home'. She was a track-and-field athlete and an IT specialist before deciding to become a full-time writer. Her first language is German, though she writes in English. She has two dogs who rule the household and a family who rules her world. She loves a good thunderstorm, snow in winter, and chocolate in almost any form.

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