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Last week we reviewed Waiting on the Sidelines so this week we thought we'd share our rather angst-filled thoughts about the experience. This post holds a permanent *spoiler warning* so be warned please! Read the book then come back!! 


C: Waiting - sad bullying I feel bad for Nolan 
S:  Bullies suck ass. I just started IYL (If You Leave)...bc I like to panic about being behind in our reading lol
C: Hahaha no no, so far it's good. Makes you remember being a freshman & there are good parts followed by awful awkward & bullies...no panic! 
S: Hahaha

C: Oh my gah I don't know what just happened but gah! Reed is being an idiot! Idiot!
S: :(
C: Teenage boys are so stupid!
S: Uhhhh. Another one  I'm feeling trepidation about. 
S: On a productive note I'm waiting in line at the grocery! 
C: You're way more productive than me!! How is it almost 1230 already!
C: & yes! It's so good, but ugh I don't like feeling these high school feelings!
S: Me either!
S: Even better!
C: I know! At 80, so I know something bad is going to happen, not tht bad things haven't been happening all along
S: Hahahahahaaaaa

C: Ok so that was really really good for me, but I will not be pleased in the sequel if she doesn't make Reed grow the f**k up
S: Lol. Grrrreat. And a sequel? F**k me
C: Hahaha! Yes a sequel, BUT No cliff...this was their four years of high school & next will be them at college
S: Ok!
C: Yeah I want it so I can just be out of my misery
C: Lol! Bc I know he's gonna act like a douchebag

S: Uhhhhh ... Not good
C: I had to keep telling myself they are only 15, then they are only 16, this is normal etc etc

C: How's reading?
S: I didn't get too far..10% in and I already think he's a DB
C: Hahahaha!
C: Yeah...he has issues poor thing

S: She did that whole damn project and gah! F**king Tatum.
S: She's a b*tch
C: !!!! Yep!!! Major b*tch just f**king wait!S: Ohhh great.
C: There are good good good things & bad things!
S: Fml.
C: I was like no, no, no please don't do that! At my iPad if that tells you anything!
S: Am I going to be saying poor Sean later? Or is this a set up?
S: Gah! Tatum fucks with my head
S: I hate that she is ashamed of her house :(
C: Ummm Sean is a really good guy, only minimal poor Sean
& I too hate that she is ashamed of her house! I grew up in a "manufactured home" tho it isn't on wheels & a double wide so it's actually really big but still...sad

S: It is. A home is a home. Gah! Why are people so judgy?
S: Why do I have a feeling this texting and talking between these two could be trouble? Maybe I'm paranoid?

C: I know :( & they start soo young..:Nolan's parents are amazeballs
C: Ummmmm you do start to feel paranoid alot lol but it doesn't cause problems the way you're thinking

S: I'm a little nervous and jumpy bc I know shits gonna be bad at some point
C: Hhmmm!!! I am enjoying reliving vicariously through you though!!!!
C: Sorry!

S: *weird mad cat looking emoji
C: Hahaha wtf is that!
S: I'm glaring at you . Lol hahahahahaaaaa
C: Hahahaha I thought that or pointedly looking away
S: Hahaha
S: Awww he just told her she was beautiful at the dance. And wtf is wrong with these 2. Get rid of T and S and get together already!
C: Gah! I know! I f**king know!
S: Bad move. I just read the GR blurb and it's gonna be a toughie.
S: Do we get his POV or is it all her? Gr makes it look like both
C: Hahah! You are just like me! I have to reread like wtf is this about again
C: All her! Which makes you DIE to know why he does anything he f**king does! But she said the college one is dual
C: DO NOT read the teaser she sent if you haven't already

S: Sigh
S: Okay
C: Lol!
C: Not knowing is why I was no no no no no! Alot! Because I need motive

S: Deeper sigh. Sleepover at fucking Tatum's. WTH would she do that?
S: Dumb move
C: Because she's 15 & still sees good in people
S: Dumb dumb dumb
C: Yep.... 
S: Becky. Good or bad?

S: Tatum Just threatened to lie and tell everyone she was having sex with S. beotch!!!
C: Becky good
C: : Uhhhh I know! She seriously needs to be whacked

S: I'm gonna cunt punt that bitch. What a f**king arghhhhhh beotch 
C: I'll hold her down!
S: 36% just applied for life guarding and he's staying for dinner at her house
C: Ahh'
C: !!
S: For now. Lol
S: This must be the happy part ...first kiss
C: :) there are more happy parts than that lol!
C: But a lot of wanting to kill him too

S: I'm gonna one more chapter myself into no sleep tonight if I'm not careful.
C: Oh yeah! Not good! Abort! Abort! Lol
S: About to have their first real date...
C: Hhmmmmmmm
S: Kill u
C: Lol

S: Lol!!!!
C: You'll want to for sure!
C: *cowering*
S: Deep sigh, Courtney, deep sigh
S: I bet I will be in stealth reading mode tomorrow.
C: Hahaha I would take that bet!S: I want to ff to the happy parts
C: Ff?S: Fast forward
C: Ah! Lol
C: Yeah, this girl! Oh man! She made me cry literal tears of joy for the stuff she figures out! Live bad ass chicks!

C: Remember nancy, nancy made my heart seriously melt

S: Are you fucking kidding me??!! She's preggers??!! Fuuuuuuuuck
C: :( hhmmmm! Kick in the face dude
C: I cried...& thus begins me needing reeds thoughts like nobody's business

S: Is there any happiness from here out or am I destined to being sad?
C: No there is
C: Trust me!
C: You're sad as much as you're happy, but there are some FANF**KINGTASTIC happy parts

C: And the end is happy
C: And final, no jumping off the cliff for you! The next one will just extend their story

S: Okay. I'll try to hang in then
C: You can do it! But nite! Can't keep my eyes open!
S: I don't want to go to work; I just want to stay and finish this. :(
S: Ugh. He gave her rose. Mr mixed signals. Hmph
S: F*****ck. The stupid bell just rang and I have to stop reading! Lol

C: Morning doll! 
C: I sorry! The rose...yep...makes you keep holding onto to slivers of hope hell get his head out of his ass
S: Boo!!!! 
S: At the part where she's at party with Tyler after homecoming. 
S: Drinking game... See bad things coming
C: Hhmmmm
S: Grr
C: Hahahahahaha
C: Fist bump
S: They are camping.,,
C: Oohhhh
C: I heart Reed then!

S: I do too! Finally!!!!
C: *cough*
S: Haha
S: They did it!!!! Lol
S: Car accident and now he's acting weird
C: :( needed his thoughts here too
S: Boo
S: And Tatum and calley wtf??!!
C: Yep!!! Gggrrrrr!!!
S: Why is he being such an assholery?
S: Asshole?
C: :( I know! I know!
S: Gah. Asshole!!!!!!
C: I love her though
S: I do too. His comment about Stanford and her affording it? Low blow!!!
C: Seriously awesome Nolan moments coming your way
S: Good. I need them
C: & yeah, she's the reason i kept my faith in the whole thing
S: Omg if people don't stop talking to me so that I can effiing finish this book I'm going to be pissed !!!!!
S: Done!!!
C: Hahahahahaha!
C: Soooo what do you think
C: !!!!!

S: Uhhhh I need bk 2
C: Lol

S: It was good
C: Me toooooooo!!!!!!! I can't wait to read it

Book 2 is awaiting our eyeballs and we cannot wait to start it!! 

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