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A broken heart. A ticket to paradise. A resort full of honeymooners ... the last thing newly single Patience De La Rosa needs if she's to find a candidate for a casual rebound. Her luggage catching a flight to Mauritius instead of Maui doesn't help matters and a maxed out credit card doesn't buy a girl a fresh pair of panties. Then there's the annoying weird guy, the one who's married to his laptop, sitting beside her at the pool. 

Odds for a fling improve when three single, sexy and willing candidates cross her path. Though Patience's luggage may be M.I.A., her breakup baggage crossed the Pacific with her. Will Patience cast it aside, throw caution to the tropical winds and indulge in island debauchery? Or will a tea leaf reader's prediction about her romantic excursions come true in unexpected ways?

Take a relaxing trip into author Tara Simone's comedic romp VACATIONISTA. The first book in the Sole Mates series.

Published July 17th 2013 by Tara Simone Books
Received from Author via Blog Tour Co. in exchange for honest review

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Patience is coming off of the sting of the ending of a 3 year relationship. The perfect antidote? A vacation in paradise (Hawaii). Unfortunately it was originally meant as a birthday trip with her then boyfriend. Not one to pass up a fantastic vacation, she goes through with her trip without that loser ex. Upon arrival she has no suitcase, a maxed out credit card and only 200.00 to spend over the course of the week. EEP.

Poor, poor Patience. I felt bad for her, but thought from the get go that she was so dang funny that I couldn't wait to see where the story was going. It went some good places, and brought some major awkward...because I love the awkward! 

Patience has some really funny observations about the people at the resort and the guys that ask her out. She has 3 opportunities to "get over her ex" with rebound sex with 3 different hot guys: a surfer, a hot Italian American salesman, and a scientist with a hot accent. As each of these guys take her on dates and try to woo her mishaps and awkwardness ensues...fortunately she gets some good meals out of it! These dates and all of their awkwardness were really great...laugh out loud moments.

Poor thing had to go to great lengths just to have clean clothes, because she had none. I would've been freaking out, let alone trying to find a rebound. She definitely made lemonade out of her lemons, and was seriously fun. My favorite guy out of the three had to be the surfer..because he said like, like all the time. 

Meanwhile as she's trying to find a great rebound, she's managed to befriend Huey an up and coming screenwriter. They have great conversations, witty exchanges, and we quickly learn that he's a really really great guy. She learns this evidence by her thoughts often going to him when she's on dates with these other guys. 

Their scenes are some of the best dialogue ever, because it was genuine, fun and witty banter that I very much enjoyed. Huey has a very dry sense of humor and at first seems like a serious weirdo but the more they talk and get to know each other while working on his screen play the more I hoped she would tell the stoner, Ted, and the stargazer to take a hike. So many options, so little time! Hhhmmm...who's it going to be! Eeep! 

Huey is great--a nice guy..yes, I know for some this is the kiss of death but I found it refreshing to read about a guy who is nice, witty, smart, and genuinely good. He's not an alpha, not Mr. Muscles...he's just Huey. I kinda heart him.

I heart him too. I was just thinking the same thing...she has her usual type of the handsome muscled variety like her ex, and I was majorly rooting for the pale hipster guy that gets a orange glow spray tan just because she mentioned it. 

At the end of the vacation does Patience get what she wants? Rebound sex with a hot guy? Read and find out! I will say, though, that I wouldn't mind a continuation of where Huey and Patience end up next. Oh wait. We forgot one. There was a moment along the way with the amazing hottie actor Jamie too. Dang, that is a lot of male attention in a one week vacation, but it was really really funny! 

Shelley: 4 Stars

Courtney: 4 Stars

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  1. I'm googling myself and this review came up at the top of the results. Even though I've read it before, I HEART this review so much, thanks again.
    Tara Simone


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