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Title: Fire and Ash
Genre: Paranormal Romance
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Synopsis: To the humans employed at his beachfront resort, Florida real estate developer Asher Reid is known as a narcissistic womanizer and temperamental control freak. To the secret, select group of immortals, he is the irrefutable enforcer of vampire law. Yet hidden beneath the charismatic façade lie the alpha’s true obsessions - adrenaline highs, nightshade and an enduring lust for depravity. Running from a faithless ex-fiancé who won’t stop stalking her, Samara Porter hopes to find refuge working within the posh resort. But her tropical paradise houses an even bigger threat when she becomes the prime target for Asher’s unwholesome games. Seduced by his deviant desires, Sami quickly finds herself caught up in a world where pain and pleasure coexist, testing the boundaries of how far she is willing to go to learn his corrupt secrets. And with her final test of loyalty comes a dark ultimatum - to kill for him…or face his lethal wrath. Are you ready to go someplace dark?

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Excerpt: Lightning flashed brightly, and Sami noticed for the first time that the curtains were pulled back and the balcony door open. The distant thunder had moved in closer as the second round of storms rapidly approached. A sudden breeze carried in the fresh scent of rain, blowing the white curtains inward so they billowed like ghostly arms that reached out to touch her. “It’s coming.” “What is?” “The rain.” He kissed her softly while the Beatles were replaced with something less familiar to her. Just a clean and simple guitar arrangement, something almost resembling folk music with a male vocalist whose mellow voice was warmly pastoral. “What is this song?” “Time Has Told Me.” “I’ve never heard it before. It’s beautiful.” “You like?” He continued to move dreamily with the music, his hands resting lightly against the small of her back. She allowed her own hands to roam freely over his smooth, solid chest, feeling his steady heartbeat through her fingertips. And she wanted that heart to belong only to her. He began to hum softly, and then to sing along with the lyrics in a beautiful voice that was a perfect replica of the one coming from the stereo’s surround sound. She looked up at him in amazement. “Ash! That’s not you, is it?” “Of course not. It’s Nick Drake. I’m just imitating him.” “That’s incredible…you sound just like him!” His lips curved slightly. “You might say I have a rare talent for impressions.” “Your voices are identical. I didn’t know you could sing like that…you should have gone into the music industry.” “Like Rick Radcliffe?” He raised a cynical eyebrow. Was he kidding? There could never be even the remotest of comparisons. “Rick has nothing on you.” “You’re right. He doesn’t.” The hands at her back pulled her more firmly against him. His lips grazed her ear. “No one does. So are you ready, Samara?” “Ready for what?” “To open your eyes. To see the truth.” Maybe she was and maybe she wasn’t…but her need to know all was a ravenous hunger aching to be fed. “Yes. I’m ready.” “‘Secrecy involves a tension which, at the moment of revelation, finds its release.’” “Are you quoting philosophers now?” “Oh, I’m quite the philosopher.” Releasing her, he walked out onto the balcony as the lightning lit up the sky brilliantly. A deafening crash of thunder followed on its heels. “Come and look.” Trying to ignore the concern that they both might be struck by lightning, she sidled up beside him. “What are we looking at?” “The beach. It’s completely deserted.” Well, that was no surprise. One would have to be crazy to be out there in weather like this. Another flash lit up the sky and she could clearly see the wall of heavy rain making its way toward them. “There’s no one around to see what I’m about to do." About the author: Allie A resident of sunny Florida, Allie Gail is the author of Unconventional Scars, Winter’s Touch: Immortal Touch Book One and Fire and Ash: Immortal Touch Book Two. Allie’s had an obsession with reading ever since the day she was issued her first Sally, Dick and Jane reader. (Never mind how long ago that was!) When she isn’t busy obsessing over the lexicon of her novels, she can usually be found with her nose in a book, a cat on her lap and music impairing her hearing from headphones turned up way too high. Or sometimes roaming about Azeroth as a night elf rogue. Yep, that’s right. And yes, on occasion…at the beach


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