Monday, September 16, 2013

TEXTING & TALKING TUESDAY: On Every Street + Shooting Scars Edition

A few weeks back we read Karina Halle's On Every Street and Shooting Scars. So we loved it, and it caused lots of profanity laced heart attack inducing we thought we would share them with you all! And blame me (Court) for falling down on the job and not having a TTT ready for last week! I was sad...and if you weren't, sorry but they're back! Haha. Anyways, this is my usual *spoiler alert warning* here!!! 


A random thought, brought to you by us... C-It is a sad day in hell when you have to explain who posh spice is, huh
S-Haha. Yes! I thought it was just me! Glad u thought that too

S-Ahhh f--k me. How did she get me to like Javier even when I don't like him?!!
C-Are you done?
S-No 65%
C-Ahhh lol! That's awesome! Which is why people are very team Javier, I don't want to be though!
S-Me either. S--t
S-Whoa. The last line of ch 12....intense! F--k!
S-And do I stop ??!' No. Another fucking chapter. S--t. 
S-F----ck. God I hate to like this man. I really really do
C-Noooooooo!!!! Don't go to the dark side!!!!
S-But f--k I kinda like him.
S-It's hard. He's breaking my resolve.

a little later...
S-Also. I'm back to disliking Javier now. Hmph. A--hole
C-& whew lol I was worried
S-I want to stab him
C-Hahahahaha what %
S-Now I have to put it down. :( :( :(
C-Ahhhh that sucks!!! 
S-I know. Gah!!
S-Finished it!!! Can't wait until later when I can start SS

C-Yayyy!!!! I be 25% he just kicked that dudes a-- at the bar 
S-Oh yeah
S-That's when I started to like him 
C-Hahaha! When did you stop?
S-In the 80''ll see
S-True story! And gah! I just realized it's a trilogy. F--k me
C-Oohhh oops, I might've forgot to mention tht!
C-At least it is already written & comes out the beginning if October!
S-Thank f--k for that!!!
C-Finished!!!!! I had forgotten how they broke up!!!!! Aahhh
S-I know!!!!!!

S-I'm at like 35% in SS...don't want to finish but have guests and crap to do. Gah! 
C-Lol...oops or
C-Effing auto correct
S-Lol!!! I know! 
C-And you are lying though SS!
C-Flying geez

C-Poor Camden, Sophia just screwed him over, she's an awful c--t isn't she
S-She is 
S-And J is sketchy.
C-Yes he is! He's bad & a teeny bit good so he confuses me 
C-21% holla
S-Fucking Javier
C-Ahhh where are you
C-I am right after he tells her they're going to Mexico & Gus & Camden leave I get her 
C-What is he up to?!!???!!!
S-He's a crazy motherf--ker 
S-Bloody hell. Wtf. Just wait until I get into the 60's. 
S-Just hit 70%. Calling it quits for tonight. 
S-The situation is f--ked up though. F--ked up.
S-C found her. But f--k

C-Ugh. This book is going to be the death of me.
S-Me too girl! Me too!!
C-Camden just tattooed that guys eyeball 
S-Ouch. I still cringe at that.
S-Poor C
C-Don't tell me that!
S-Ch 23 beginning is sad
C-Soooo not thrilled, almost 50% 
C-But I forgot to charge my phone so I only have 19% left & couldn't read at lunch! :(

C-Is it bad
C-I don't want it to be bad 
S-Not too bad. A few WTF moments but I just know she's setting us up to completely shock me or devastate me, you know?
C-Yes, she is really really good at that! 
S-87% and fuck fuck fuck fuck
C-Omg! What is happening! 
S-Girl....just you wait. Total f--ked up s--t. 
S-Fuuuuuuuuuck. Omfg . Jesus
C-!!!! Wwhhhaaaatttt!!!!
S-Not telling
S-I'm totally envisioning this like a movie and it is badass
C-!!! I hope it will be!!
C-So I see ellie doing stupid things because she thinks Camden isn't coming for her 
C-And Javier knows Sophia f--ked him over!!!
C-F--king hell
S-Yup. Just finished. 
C-I'm where Camden & Gus are crossing into Mexico
S-Crazy a-- mutha f--king sh-ts about to get so real.
C-D-mn. Mind is whirring
S-Mind is f--ked. She's going to kill me in book 3.
S-Plus!! Convicted comes out that month. Double heart attack in one month
C-!!! Some fantastic books coming out!
C-I'm really scared now

C-Car chase starting! Holy s--t!
S-I know!!!! I told you it's going to get crazy.
C-F--k!!!! Noooooo I knew she was gonna do it 
S-I know :(
C-F--k f--k f--k!
S-Oh girl. Just you wait
C-71%! I'm flying & nervous as s--t!
C-Poor Camden 
S-I know :(
C-91% holy shit!!!
C-And I just realized who Gus is...
S-I know!!!!
C-Ahhhh done! Ended better than I expected!!!! Fucking hell though they have to work together!!!

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