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Charlie's first love is perfect. He's kindhearted, the sex is great, and he only wants her despite the spotlight that brings him fame. Her life is wonderful, filled with purpose and cushioned by the man of her dreams.

Something is wrong here.Her instincts are kicking in, telling her that Slade isn't the man she thinks he is, but her heart is at war. She loves him, despite the attraction that sparks between her and Nate, the lonely, magnetic man who has popped into her life solely to piss her off. Slade loves her, despite the bright cameras and hot women and the ongoing pressure to succeed.

Doesn't he love her?Slade's getting closer to Charlie's new friend, a girl who blushes in his presence and changes face as soon as he leaves. Reagan seems sweet and everyone tells Charlie she's adorable, cute...innocent as an angel. But Charlie's starting to see her differently. Problem is, no one believes her.

Simple jealousy, or a warning of what's to come?Someone's plotting a murder, and its execution hinges on Charlie's choice. If she turns the wrong way, ignores the right signals, and chooses the wrong man, well...

The ultimate sin will result.

ebook, 100 pages
Published December 1st 2014 by Ketley Allison LLC
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Shel: OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD. I really don't even know else to say. COURT: SHOUTY CAPS....ALL THE WAY. OH MY GOD.

Shelley: ....okay...I'll say a little bit more, but it's getting VEEEEERY challenging to write about this series and not spoil anything. So, here's what I can say: Charlie has that voice in her head that is telling her something is very off and eveyone around her is dismissing it..and I DO NOT think she should dismiss it. Court: WHY, OH WHY, ARE THESE PEOPLE SO....HEAD IN THE SAND? Okay...I know what it can be like to click with some people...and not click with other people, and no matter just can't do it. THAT IS HERE. I would like to think I would be on her side of things...and that is all I should probably say. 

Shel: Also? I'm insatiably curious as to what the hell is REALLY going on that Charlie doesn't know about because it seems like there are MOST DEFINITELY some things going on (and P.S.  I don't think I'm going to like these things!). Court: NOOO. ME EITHER. KETLEY...HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME. 

Shel: Ketley is amping up the angst and tension and I seriously had to put the book down about a gajillion times (not just because I had to grade research papers GRRR), but because I was so freakin nervous about what I would find on each page. Court: I READ IT SO FAST. AND AM JUST GOING WITH THE CAPS NOW, SO DON'T JUDGE ME. IT FLEW BY. THE BALLS ARE DROPPING, AND WE'RE GETTING SO CLOSE TO THE CLIMAX (NO PUN INTENDED...OKAY, YES, SOME PUN INTENDED...hah!) AND I JUST...THERE ARE NO WORDS FOR HOW I FEEL RIGHT NOW...

Shel: Be ready for the ending, y'all. I ..uh... Court: JUST BE READY. EEP! YES. BECAUSE, I THINK I WASN'T. I mean...HOW has this happened to me *throws self onto the floor*

About the Author

Ketley Allison began her career by writing books as birthday presents for her friends (with her friend as the main character and opposite a super sexy lead, of course) before ending it in order to walk down a path she thought she was supposed to follow.

The writing bug never left her--and, in fact, would often bleed into the official papers she was supposed to write--so now Ketley's putting down her suit and finally following her dream. While her friends are no longer the stars of her books, she still throws in bits and pieces of them into each and every one of her characters.

As a result, her books tend to focus a lot on friendships as well as love, because let's be honest, friends are what really get you through--especially when your epic love turns into epic heartbreak.

Learn more about Ketley by visiting her website at

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