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Famous boyfriend, penthouse on Park Avenue, full scholarship and best friend along for the ride?


A smartass drummer boy, dark obsession and a hint of betrayal? 




Charlie Miller’s life in New York City is just getting started.

Shelley:  It's hard for me to write about Shade without being spoilerific so I'll just give you a rundown of some of my general thoughts:

THERE IS SOME FUCKERY GOING ON. <-- and that about sums it up. For real. Who do I trust? I already felt suspicious of the way 3 of the 4 characters were acting in Snapped and this book just solidified it for me. Friends not being very friendly, deception, and discomfort--these are all ways I'd describe what I was feeling as I read. Boy, if we had friends like these, why would we ever need enemies?? But yes. There is some wicked fuckery going on...and even though that is going to make me have to seriously edit the fuck out of my review just to get it to post on Amazon...that is about all I've got. 

My salute to a couple of characters and their assholery behavior...

I'm eager to get to Sin to see if we begin to get answers. I have so many questions about who these characters are and what the hell they think they're doing. We're like...this happened, and this happened, and oh, can't tell you that. FECK! 

And then, I'm all...don't buy that shit. Don't be a moron. *falls over dead*

Also? I want to shout at Char to freakin trust her instincts. TRUST THEM. She isn't. She's doubting herself, and that is why I think I want her to find her inner badass early! I need it! 
And also? I want people to quit assuming crap and USE THEIR WORDS and not just allude to things. This is painful--in the best way because I'm totally engaged. IT IS SO HARD! Because guess what folks, in a short month, the honeymoon phase is over, and we FINALLY have some real life, bad ass, hard shit going on between these people. Adult like things, that ouch, they hurt when we have to go through growing pains like that...but the writing is spectacular for me, and I feel like we're really hitting a stride with this story and these characters and I am so engaged and enthralled with this story. I am pimping it out left and right, and YOU will be next! 

Well done! Bring on Sin! 

About the Author

Ketley Allison began her career by writing books as birthday presents for her friends (with her friend as the main character and opposite a super sexy lead, of course) before ending it in order to walk down a path she thought she was supposed to follow.

The writing bug never left her--and, in fact, would often bleed into the official papers she was supposed to write--so now Ketley's putting down her suit and finally following her dream. While her friends are no longer the stars of her books, she still throws in bits and pieces of them into each and every one of her characters.

As a result, her books tend to focus a lot on friendships as well as love, because let's be honest, friends are what really get you through--especially when your epic love turns into epic heartbreak.

Learn more about Ketley by visiting her website at

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