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This is the last book in the series.

Take my hand, my love.
On sinews of air we tread
Aught but distance our guide
With no tempo to our gait
No endpoint drawn
Neither plot nor plan
By the thorns of a compass rose

We bound toward the horizon

Kindle Edition, 166 pages
Published October 7th 2013 by eXcessica Publishing
Source: eArc received from publisher via Netgalley
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At the time of this publication, Beg and Control are both free. They are the first book in each cycle of this series (there are two). Good incentive to join the fun right? Right! Get them here! Not sure how long this will last! Beg Control

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You can also get each cycle in bundle form! 

---Our Review of Sing---
I't really know where to start. It's been a while since I had blown through all but this final book in the series...I mean I sucked that series down like a dehydrated man in the Sahara Desert and was desperate for more. This week. I have done nothing but be controlled by one Mister Drazen...just how he likes it. Life went on and the TBR list got longer and I would look longingly at Sing only to have to put it down to read something else. Finally an opportunity arose (read this as: I decided to cheat and screw the consequences)...and I picked up this final installment because I needed a book to suck me in and not let me go until it was finished with me. This book did that. It so did. I am seriously glad that we discovered this series, and hope that you jump on this bandwagon...because it is a wild ride from start to finish! 

The last thing I remembered about book 6 was that Jonathan had basically fallen out at an event. This book starts with him the hospital and it went from sad to heartwrenching. I had keep looking away from the text because I was just so damn upset with the turn of events..and from the little I know about C.D Reiss I would not put it past her to leave me a damaged soul when the series was complete. As I was reading I was doing that thing where I mentally bargain with the author.."so if you just do X, Y,and Z I promise to be the most devoted follower ever....will pimp your books you coffee.." Well, you get the picture. I was tortured. C.D. Reiss took me for a ride and at some point I had to buckle in tight and hope to all that is holy that she wouldn't have me crash and burn.

I too have been through the emotional ringer. After everything that we've been through in this series...I am absolutely blown away by the twist and turns that she completed it with. Just insane, really. Totally and completely in awe of C.D. Reiss. I was truly expecting to be completely devastated...and I somewhat was...because even between all of the sad and harrowing things that were happening in the story, the conversations and heart that were in these words completely blew my mind. 

That is all. ABSOLUTELY no spilling the beans here. Trust me, now that the entire series is out you need to buy it, take the day off, and READ it like there's no tomorrow. I cannot wait to get my hands on whatever she's writing next. Yes. Forever fan. She is currently my hero, because she put so many layers to this story that it is not just about a hot dominant and a submissive finding her way to how beautiful she is. They're a different couple, but still like is in how they fight, break up, make name it...I loved it. 

Shelley: 5 stars
Courtney: 5 Stars

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