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The dark secret Kayden has kept hidden for years is out. Worse, he's facing charges for battery. The only way he stands a chance against the charges is if Callie speaks up, something he'll never ask her to do.

Callie knows Kayden is going back to his dark place and desperately wants to save him. But saving him means admitting her secrets aloud. Callie and Kayden are stronger than they think, especially when they're together. Together they move forward, face their demons, and finally start to heal from their traumatic pasts.

Paperback, 404 pages
Published July 30th 2013 by Forever, Grand Central Publishing
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Our Review---Anytime I pick up a Jessica Sorensen novel I know that I need to have a few things handy: time (because I'm not going to want to stop reading), my phone (so I can text Courtney with my angsty angst fest), and alcohol (to help me cope with the emotions).  The Redemption of Callie and Kayden was no different. I had all three of my requirements at my disposal and I used them. Haha! This! Yes. That is the required arsenal, though no EtOH on my part...(Sorry. Just worked a detox unit this week...that's alcohol.) 

It's true that the horror of their stories was revealed in the first book and that was painful. This book deals with the aftermath. It was hard to read sometimes, not because of the writing but because I wanted to get to the resolution, I wanted my happy and it took a while to get there. I kept a keen eye on the %...because I was so wary of what lay ahead. I was nervous as hell...and to be honest...that is why it has taken me ages to read this next installment. 

Kayden and Callie both worry, a lot, about how their decisions have negatively impacted the other. They are very much in their heads..withholding their fears and worries to protect the other. While this sort of drives me apeshit crazy, and I'd love for them to spill their guts early and often, I also understand their reticence. They love each other enough to want the best. They know that not having the other one will be crushing, but they are willing to walk away if it means the other one will live a healthier, happier life. Problem with that, though, is that they want and need each other so badly that not being with each won't do. This killlllled. Why do we do this to ourselves. Please, I would like to know. But then flip that over and put yourself in their shoes. Their lives have been in the darkest pits of hell horrible for them...and I just can't understand their motivations simply because I don't share those experiences. The writing made my stomach hurt, my heart speed up...made me kind of sweat a little bit...waiting. Waiting for that one thing to happen that we all were worrying about. My heart broke when it did...and it is nice to have somewhat of an anti-hero in this series to be the one that needs saving. And if I didn't use that particular word correctly, Shel, I apologize. 

Thankfully, between Luke and Seth, Kallie gathers her strength and begins to take the hard steps of opening herself up to Kayden. She tries to break through his barriers and show him how much she cares. With her persistence, he finally starts coming around and that's when things begin to fall into place for them. Luke and Seth were the biggest surprises of all. Okay, Seth...I take that back. He's been awesome from the beginning and is so self-assured...but Luke really surprised me and I suddenly realized...Hey. Luke. Violet + Luke. The next book. *mind blown* I'm slow. I apologize. I can't wait for the next books! 

This novel is not action packed with major revelations but it is emotional and engaging. I'm very interested in Luke's story which is coming up on our list very soon. We can't help but binge of Jessica Sorensen. When we read one, we have to read three or four. Luckily her list is growing at the speed of light (she is a rock star writer!) and we have plenty to choose from! 

Shelley: 4 Stars
Courtney: 4 Stars

About the Author---

The New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Jessica Sorensen, lives in the snowy mountains of Wyoming. When she's not writing, she spends her time reading and hanging out with her family.

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