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Nothing announces the failure of one’s life quite as loudly as having to move back in with your mother at the ripe old age of thirty-five. Unfortunately for Scarlett Spencer, her marriage has recently imploded and she’s headed to Beverly Hills—toddler in tow—to move in with her oversexed mother, CeCe. But maneuvering life back at home isn’t the only challenge . . .
After being a stay-at-home mom, Scarlett wades back into the Hollywood employment pool with hilarious results. Even more terrifying is the prospect of reentering the dating world. She soon learns that balancing motherhood with the unique demands of Hollywood men creates a new twist on the dating dilemma. Tired of dating jerk after jerk, Scarlett goes on a self-imposed “man-diet,” which isn’t easy when her mother is perpetually on a manhunt. But in the quiet of this new man-free existence, Scarlett discovers what is really important in her life.
Synchronized Breathing is a cheeky, light-hearted story about moving on and realizing that mother doesn’t always know best.

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Don't let the slow start to this novel deter you from reading it. I promise that before you know it you will be flying through it wondering how it ended so quickly! The crazier thing though, is that I had forgotten or hadn't realized that it is also Tara's debut novel. What!? That is crazy, because the writing is damn good, so I really am surprised by this! 

At the very beginning we meet a post-divorce Scarlett living in a depressed haze. It's not so much that she wants to be married to 'X', it's just that she's so lost--how did she end up back in her mother's apartment with a toddler and her brother and no husband?!! The first part of this novel has us muddling through this with her and I remember at one point thinking that Scarlett's life would be my worst nightmare--at least the one she was bogged down in. She has no job prospects, no idea how or where to go, and a slew of douche bags eager to bed her but not wed her. JERKS.

Total JERKS! I have discovered that if this is truly the way that things are in the world of dating, I am so glad that I am not part of it. Holy crap. She just wants to be loved, and with the shining examples of that that she has with her mother and her friends, it is no wonder that she sometimes can't get her head above water with it all. It isn't all doom and gloom and loneliness though! There are some seriously awkward and funny situations she finds herself in that I can totally appreciate (awkward lover, right here!) But...with X making things miserable with their divorce and custody fight...holy shizz...she has to find ways to unwind somehow! 

Luckily Scarlett has a fantastic and quirky support system: Cece and Sam (her mom and brother), some great friends, and her son. All of these contribute to her making some unfortunate mistakes and also some smart choices and by the end we see Scarlett taking risks that could end up making her happy and successful. 

I loved the secondary characters a lot. While a lot of their advice was sound...albeit, unconventional...especially from is obvious they love her and just want her to be happy with her life choices. Like some of my favorite novels, the best thing about this book is that it shapes up to be a tale of the journey of a woman finding her way and starting over in her 30's. And really just that we need to find ways to enjoy the ride more. That was thee message I received anyways! 

There were some great moments in this novel--some laugh out loud hysterically funny well as some honest and raw ones too. This read may take you a little longer to get through, but it's well worth the wait. Yep! It was really fun, although I wanted to pummel a couple of the guys that she dated! But it is a enjoyably fun ride through this debut, and I won't hesitate at all to see what this author comes out with next! 

Shelley: 4 Stars
Courtney: 4 Stars

Author Bio:
Tara Ellison was born in London and raised between Sydney and Hong Kong before coming to the United States. After moving to Los Angeles for a career in acting, Tara realized she was a better author than actor.
Synchronized Breathing is her first novel.

To connect with Tara: 
Twitter: @tellisonauthor

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  1. Thank you so much for reviewing Synchronized Breathing! It was a long labor of love to get this book off the ground and I so appreciate your support. Glad to hear it made you laugh - that makes it all worthwhile.


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