Thursday, November 12, 2020

The Priest by Tiffany Reisz



Listen, y'all. 





I thought I was. I wasn't. 

Tiffany Reisz got with me with the title and I went into The Priest thinking I knew what was going on and I really didn't. 

First of all the opening scene had my full attention. It absolutely grabbed me and insisted that this not be a slow read for me. I picked this book up every chance I had--using it as a reward to motivate me to get work done so that I could continue to read. 

The story of Cyrus and his investigation to the suicide of a priest was such a nice pairing to the story of Soren and Nora. The contrasts and parallels that were made as the mystery deepened and then was solved just enhanced every aspect of my reading. Cyrus had some funny and poignant observations and was a good foil for Nora and Soren. And, Nora was a good influence (!) on Cyrus. I really enjoyed the pairing of the storyline and characters. 

And I return to where I started--I wasn't prepared for the emotional feelings I had, especially near the end. I'm not sure if it only what was happening between these characters or that I have no idea if or when we'll see a continuation of the story of our Original Sinners. All I know is that I've spent the last few weeks in their world (reading The King, The Queen, and now The Priest) and I don't want them to be over yet. *sad face*

Truly a fantastic read from start to finish and one, I hope, that is opening the door for new characters and books in this series.

PS-As a New Orleanian, I'm HERE for these characters being in New Orleans and Tiffany Reisz doing New Orleans right!



Tiffany Reisz’s USA Today bestselling Original Sinners series returns with the long-awaited sequel to "The Queen."

When a New Orleans parish priest is found dead of an apparent suicide, the police see no reason to investigate. Private detective Cyrus Tremont knows a cover-up when he sees it, however. A former cop, he’s seen it all...or so he thought.

Clues point him in the direction of Nora Sutherlin, an erotic romance writer who moonlights as a dominatrix. Together, they form an unlikely bond built on their shared need for justice.

As Cyrus is drawn deeper into Nora’s underground world of pleasure and pain, what lines will he cross to discover the truth about the priest? And what will he and Nora do with the truth once they find it?

"The Priest" is the beginning of a new era for Reisz’s Original Sinners series, and the perfect jumping-on point for new readers.

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