Monday, November 30, 2020

NEW REVIEW: Door of Bruises by Sierra Simone


  DOOR OF BRUISES (Thornchapel #4) by Sierra Simone 
Release Date: November 30th   



   Door of Bruises is a truly perfect way to end this four part series. It carries forward that atmospheric, moody tone of the three previous novels and fills in the spaces between the periods with melancholy--which of course I loved. Imagine broody characters matching the broody British autumn countryside. Imagine tweeds and tea and rain and fires in the fireplace. Imagine characters whose hearts are full to bursting with love for each other and yet so heart heavy with heartbreak or a feeling of impending doom and you have just a sliver of the mood and tone of this brilliant novel, all set to the backdrop of closing an open door--and all the intrigue that comes with that.

Auden, Poe, Saint, Rebecca, Delphine, and Beckett have significant roles in this novel but all told, this is really Auden's shining moment. We go behind his smirks and arrogance and really see his tender heart and all the burdens he feels he must shoulder to protect and care for his friends and loves. He's exactly as self aware as I'd hoped he'd be and it just made me that much more enamored with him, even if I wanted to sometimes shake him. Actually, at some point almost all of them made me want to shake them and then evacuate them far, far away from Thornchapel. Because seriously. SERIOUSLY. The heartbreak and danger and hardship and ughhhhhh could've been avoided if they were cowardly, selfish characters who ran away from problems but noooooo, they had to be noble and good and thoughtful (and all the reasons why I truly love them) and stay and try to resolve all the things that that estate and their family histories brought upon them. And just you wait to see how things were resolved. O.O 
OMG. The way Sierra Simone makes us work for that HEA is sadistic and I foresee that many fans will LOVE it and some will either not love it or want an epilogue to the epilogue. I land somewhere in the middle. I definitely appreciated what she did with these characters and I don't know how else she could've ended it but I still had many many questions--not necessarily a bad thing at all, just something that had me powering down my kindle and staring at the wall for a long time before I could move, LOL. 

As always, I'm enamored with all the things Sierra Simone does with her character and world building. She creates worlds that are vivid and imaginative and characters whose diversity in background, ethnicity, shapes, and sizes are more representative than many modern romance novelists. It's for all these reasons and more that I'll never hesitate to grab any and everything she writes.


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  Blurb: Twelve years ago, our fates were sealed with a kiss. We are all, for better or worse, doomed to love each other until death do us part. My heart belongs to Proserpina and St. Sebastian—even if he no longer wants it. Even if she has left it behind to follow him. Delphine’s fled back home, and Becket’s holy calling is in peril. And now only Rebecca and I remain at Thornchapel to face the unknown. The door is open. The door that shouldn’t exist; the door that people have died to close. I don’t feel like the lord of the manor...I don’t feel like a king or a wild god. I am a friend and a boyfriend and a brother—and a failure at being all of these things. But the door doesn’t care about my guilt. It only cares about the sacrifice I’ll make to close it. As the bruising dark of Samhain approaches, so does the fate of our circle, of Thornchapel and the village and the valley beyond it. And I must don the crown, because one thing is still true, even if I must face it alone. Here at Thornchapel, the kings must go to the door. Here at Thornchapel, all kings must die.  

  About the Author: Sierra Simone is a USA Today Bestselling former librarian (who spent too much time reading romance novels at the information desk.) She lives with her husband and family in Kansas City.


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