Friday, November 20, 2020

REVIEW: Bodyguard by C.D. Reiss


I love how C.D. Reiss just switches things up. Her series are addictive but her stand-alones, which also find a way to connect to each other or to other works, are just as addictive and yet give that immediate sense of satisfaction. You're not waiting for the next book in the series so much as you're just waiting for whatever she does next.

In the case of Bodyguard, we get an up close look at an up and coming choreographer who is dealing with a stalker.  The focus isn't so much on all of the history leading up to Emily's current situation, though you definitely get an understanding of it, it's more focused on how small her world has become once her ex turned stalker. You get a sense of how trapped and oppressive her existence currently is--due to her fear and how her security team keeps tabs on her--and how unfortunate that is. All signs point to the potential for her life to be so much bigger and she's just accepted a smaller life so that she can be safe. And truly how sucky is that? That people can't live their lives because of the fear that they will be hurt by someone who obviously has lost touch with reality and isn't safe.

Enter Carter--former LAPD and current security specialist, now bodyguard to Emily. Nothing about their interactions are small or innocuous. They are chemistry and sass and banter from the second they meet on the page. He's private and broody and gives the perfect non-answer answers. And then you get to know him more (as does Emily) and he's all those things but also tender, funny, and so protective. You begin to understand why he's the way he is and it all makes sense and yet you want him to live a little.

As the story goes on, you'll probably flying through their romance very quickly (is there another way to read a CD Reiss novel, really?!) because Emily and Carter are just so engaging to read. Bodyguard is a sexy, fast paced escapist romance and the perfect read for this summer day.


As a world-class dancer at the height of her career, Emily enjoys all the perks of fame—the parties, the glamour, the tours—but they’ve also attracted the attention of a dangerous ex-boyfriend hell-bent on getting her back.

Enter Carter Kincaid, a bodyguard so crushingly sexy he takes her breath away.

Carter’s the best in the business, and Emily is—professionally speaking—off-limits. But when it comes to stirring his desires, she’s making all the right moves. What’s happening between them is so hot it could get both of them burned. As Emily’s past gets closer, Carter is willing to break every rule of the job to save her. But letting Emily into his life also means letting her in on the secrets of his own past. For these two, falling in love could be the greatest risk of all.

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