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NEW: The Royally Series Collection by Emma Chase

Prepare to be swept off your feet by The Royally Series Collection – three sexy, swoony, modern royal romances that will capture your heart, and satisfy your desire for a breathtaking happily ever after. Royally Screwed – By order of the Queen, Crown Prince Nicholas Pembrook has five months to choose a suitable bride. Then one snowy night, in New York City, he meets spirited and beautiful waitress, Olivia Hammond. Their whirlwind romance makes Nicholas question everything--who he is and who he wants to be--a King...or the man who gets to love Olivia forever. Royally Matched – Responsibility has never been Prince Henry Pembrook's strong suit. So when an unexpected heap of it is dropped in his regal lap, he reacts accordingly--by secretly signing up for a reality TV dating show. Henry plans on partying his worries away. What he doesn't plan Lady Sarah Von Titebottum...the quiet, stunning, shy, librarian hiding behind a book. As Henry and Sarah grow closer, old words take on new meanings for the irresponsible royal. Words like Duty, Honor and most of all--Love. Royally Endowed – For years, broody royal bodyguard Logan St. James has watched over--and wanted--perfect, perky, beautiful Ellie Hammond, the younger sister of Princess Olivia. But he's bound by loyalty to the crown and, of course, the golden bodyguard rule: Never lose focus, never let them out of your sight, and never, ever fall in love. But Logan and Ellie are about to learn that when it comes to passion and pleasure, rules were definitely made to be broken. Royally Raised-- This sweetest of short stories focuses on Henry and Sarah, 20 years after the conclusion of Royally Matched.  


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Here's a little taste of each:
Royally Screwed:
            “Would you like to have coffee sometime, Olivia? With me?”
            “I don’t like coffee. Never touch the stuff.”
            My eyes roll over the room. “You work in a coffee house.”
            I nod. “Hmm, I see your point. It’ll have to be dinner, then. Are you available this evening? I could pick you up on our way back.”
            She gives a jumpy laugh. “I thought you didn’t have time for”—she makes air quotes with her fingers—‘wooing’?”
            “Some things are worth making time for.”
            That catches her off guard, making her words stumble. “Well I… don’t… date.”
            “Good God, why not?” I ask, horrified. “You’re stunning, obviously clever— you should date often, and preferably with a man who knows how it’s done.” I rest my palm on my chest. “Coincidentally, I happen to be fantastic at it. What are the odds?”

Royally Matched:
            “Every family has a wild child. Penny’s yours?”
            Takes one to know one.
            “Yes, definitely.”
            He tilts his head, the sunlight making his eyes a deeper green, almost simmering. “And what about you? Is there any wild in you, Teet-bottom?”
            My cheeks go up in flames. “Not even a little. I’m the boring one. The good one.”
            His teeth scrape his lower lip and it looks . . . naughty. “Corrupting the good ones is my favorite pastime.”
            I hug my book to my chest. “I’m not corruptible.”
            His smile broadens. “Good. I like a challenge.”

Royally Endowed:
            Ellie Hammond’s not just the kind of girl who’ll leap off a cliff without bothering to look— she’ll take a running start and launch herself off it. Arms spread, head back. Free and alive.
            No one is going to take that away from her— I won’t let them.
            “You see the good in people, Ellie. You trust. That’s a good way to be, a brave way. I’ll watch more closely; I’ll make sure this never happens again. You just be who you are. Leave the rest to me.”
            She wipes her eyes dry. “So it’s like a . . . you jump, I jump, Jack and Rose kind of thing?”
            “No.” I take her hand in mine, brushing my thumb against her knuckles. “You jump . . . and I’ll be there to catch you.”

Royally Raised:
            My husband steps into the bedroom with a cloud of steam wafting behind him, rubbing a towel across his broad shoulders and damp head, wearing nothing.
            “I mean, why did we think having five would somehow be a good idea? I don’t remember having that conversation. Do you?”
            I glance over my shoulder, my eyes dragging up from his toes to his wild-green eyes. Henry will turn fifty this summer, but besides the sexy dusting of light gray that joins the blond hairs on his chest, he’s still taught and rippled in all the places a man should be.
            I am a lucky, lucky girl.
             “I don’t think conversing had anything to do with it.” My voice drops to a sultry level as I look him over. “It was more…you…always corrupting me with your wicked ways.”

 Emma Chase is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the hot and hilarious Tangled series and The Legal Briefs series. Emma lives in New Jersey with her husband, two children and two naughty (but really cute) dogs. She has a long-standing love/hate relationship with caffeine. WEBSITE | FACEBOOK | NEWSLETTER | TWITTER | GOODREADS | READER FAN GROUP    

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