Thursday, April 5, 2018

March 2018 FAVORITES

We really did not make the month of March a big deal for the blog--which should tell you a lot about the craziness of our lives. Why? Well, because March was our FIFTH YEAR ANNIVERSARY! Can you even believe it? Five years? FIVE YEARS. Five years we've written about novels and things. Five years we've tried things, failed at things, and seen this whole romance book blog thing change and morph in ways I don't know we could've predicted.

FIVE YEARS. Who would've thunk it? Our little blog may always be this little. We'll probably never blow up to Aestas or Vilma level readership. We'll forever be on the sidelines of the cool girl club (whatever that is) but we'll always be true to who we are.

So to those of you who are still hanging in there with us, thank you. We love all two of you :)

Now on the fun stuff:

We had some absolutely stunning reads last month. Let's take a look (and if something looks good, click on the cover and it'll take you to Amazon).

Long Shot by Kennedy Ryan-- Y'all. This novel will stick with you for months. It's intense and nuanced and will most definitely be on our 2018 list of favorites. For a look at how much love I had for this novel see our review.

The Swedish Prince by Karina Halle--This is one of my favorite rags to riches, Cinderella stories, ever. Karina Halle is always keeping us on our toes and it makes going blind into her novels so much fun. For more on why we enjoyed this one, check out our review.

Marriage of Inconvenience by Penny Reid-- Need something on the lighter end of the reading spectrum? Want smart writing? Looking for inventive ways of using the f-word? We have the best novel for you and here's our review if you need more convincing.

To Have and To Hold by Ketley Allison-- Y'all. She's flying so below the radar right now and that has to change. Ketley Allison writes such great romantic suspense novels and we want you alllll to read them. The first chapter in this novel had me by the throat and then I couldn't put it down, as evidenced by our review.

Sinner by Sierra Simone-- I devour every Sierra Simone book that comes my way. EVERY.SINGLE.ONE. I willingly sacrifice sleep to her word sorcery--which should say a lot, if not everything. Need more intel? Our review is a gush-fest of love for Sinner.

And that concludes this snapshot of our March 2018 favorites. Happy reading, y'all!

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