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REVIEW: The Thief by Kate McCarthy


The Thief by Kate McCarthy 
Release Date: April 4th, 2018 
Genre: Contemporary Romance

The Thief - Final NEW


Shel: We love Kate McCarthy and the world she's created with the Valentines, and now the Daniels + Jones' (and soon, the Foxes). Court: YES! As soon as she announces a new book we get so excited...they're always heart pumping and fast paced and we cannot get enough. 

Shel: Kelly Daniels has intrigued me from the first time he appeared in between her pages and I've been eager to know his story and now I feel like I truly understand what's behind his relationship with his brother, Casey. I also learned that he's got the demeanor of a bear but his really a big softie for the people he cares about. I loved his friendship with Hammer and Fox and how he takes care of Ace. The way that he navigates her family was so telling in what kind of guy he is. Court: Yes. He is very loyal and kind...and just got a crap hand in his is really nice to know all sides of every story isn't is easy to be against him for being cold to Casey because we love, love, love Casey...but now that we know...well, it is all a little easier to swallow...and obviously he needed his own amount of patience and understanding in return...and that is what Ace gives him too! 

Shel: Speaking of Ace, I adored her. I loved her passion for cars (I know next to nothing about cars but after this I feel like I have a whole new appreciation) and for her family--and what a unique family history she has, what an interesting backstory! She's my new favorite badass and her sidekick Echo is also a new favorite. Their teamwork and shenanigans and quips were typical Kate McCarthy and had me smiling as they snarked and teased each other. Court: I CANNOT wait for the next book in this saga...Echo is a hurricane...and I love her. She is an enigma. She is also fiercely loyal, and runs right along the edge of no return with the law...but we still see her supporting Ace, and not really much else. I am so intrigued about her and where we're going with our newest version of the Hot Bunch. And Mitch! And ugh...things are going to get better and better I just know it! 

Shel: This whole new cast of characters in the spin off to the Give Me series is fresh and funny and as with every single Kate McCarthy novel, hard to put down once you start reading. I cannot wait to see what she gives us next. Court: I finished it in what felt like no time flat, but it was so well written and engaging and as you said..funny...but serious...and some serious life shit well balanced with great family interrelationships and a big juicy story in the middle with intrigue and cops and bad guys galore....I really love the way Kate writes a book y'all. 

After years of working in the family business, Arcadia “Ace” Jones has become a renowned car thief. Trained from a tender age, it’s the only life she’s ever known. Longing for a future that doesn’t hold the promise of prison, she makes the decision to go straight and earn an honest living.
But the Marchetti Organisation won’t accept her retirement, forcing her to complete a job so big it’s almost impossible. She’s on a tight deadline but an irritating biker dude keeps thwarting her attempts to deliver.
Kelly Daniels likes to tinker with bikes and cars. He’s content with operating the car restoration business he owns alongside his partners, until an annoying little thief manages to steal a Dodge Charger right out from under his nose.
He gets pulled into her treacherous scheme and they form an unlikely bond. When it becomes a race against the clock to pull off the heist of the century or end up behind bars, Ace and Kelly realise they have more to lose than their freedom—each other.


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My breath catches. This was only supposed to be about wild sex with a hot, irresistible man. I should have known. The moment he walked inside Fix I knew he was a paradox. A puzzle, one I played with, slowly fitting all the broken pieces together until the whole picture now sits before me, a picture so beautiful it steals my breath. “Kelly.” He watches me, his face close to mine. “You were never meant to get involved. It’s not your fight.” He draws back like I’ve slapped him the face. I fumble for his hand, grabbing it before he can withdraw any further. “It’s always been my fight. I don’t have friends. I don’t have boyfriends. I don’t sleep around. I’ve always kept people at arms-length because I don’t live a life where I can answer the kinds of questions they ask of me. Then you came along and I thought maybe this once it would be nice, real fucking nice to pretend I could have something beautiful for myself. Only you weren’t what I expected. You pissed me off. You made me laugh and you made me ache, and you made me want you so damn much. You did all that and now I can’t imagine how I lived a life without you in it. You give so much of yourself without even realising it. Even now you’re taking my fight and making it your own, and I hate myself for being so selfish and letting you.” Blog tour teaser .jpg

About the Author:
Kate McCarthy is a USA Today Bestselling author who resides in Brisbane, Australia, a city in the state of Queensland where she works full time on her writing. She has two children, two dogs, and a pile of friends and family dotted all over the world that help keep her sane. When she's not busy running after naughty kids, filthy dogs, and writing books, you can find her curled up in bed in the early hours of the morning reading new books and re-reading old favourites.

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