Sunday, April 22, 2018

REVIEW: Cold by Max Monroe



Shel: I always wonder if the second book of a trilogy is hard to write because it's right in the middle of everything? No worries here, though. Max Monroe keep these characters on their toes. Ivy and Levi are working through some stuff in this book so there's a lot of wanting to either hug them or hurt them going on, especially with Ivy--she had me going crazy!! Thankfully her sister spoke all the wisdom that I would've wanted to speak and Levi had some tricks up his sleeve too. Court: A trilogy is one of those things that gives my heart a bit of angst, but there is so much meat in this story that I was able to deal. Ivy, her sister, Levi, the past and the present keep this middle story just as exciting as the first one.!

Shel: And then all too soon, after the angst and the swoon, we got to the ending and BOOM! that ending. I have thoughts and guesses that I'll have to wait to see if any of those things are true. 
But seriously Max Monroe. Seriously?!?! Hmmmm. We're ready for Fox so! Court: And then boom is right...the set up leading to the finale! Shel said it though...we’re ready for the next one and as usual loved Max Monroe’s writing and characters that keep us coming back for more! 


Disclaimer: Pregnant women and people with health conditions should use caution when reading Cold. Early readers complain of dehydration due to the inability to stop reading to rehydrate, occurrences of near heart-stopping angst and fevers stemming from too much sexual tension heat. 
Disclaimer for the disclaimer: This is a book, not a ride at an amusement park, and is no actual threat to your health.

·      Cold will be making the transfer to KU after release (after a full day on other platforms at the earliest).
·      Also, the third and final book in the series is up for preorder.
o   FOX (Book #3): Release date May 20th, 2018
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