Sunday, October 8, 2017


Hello friends, once again I find that I'm posting this way later than October 1st (which is my imaginary deadline) but I have a good-ish excuse. I went to my first writing conference aaaaand had to prep for the possibility of a hurricane hitting our area. Luckily, the hurricane turned out to be a non-issue and the writing conference was amazing.

As school continues to pass week by week, and the amount of grading I'm doing continues to increase, my ability to keep up with my reading declines. That being said, there were several books in September that I'd recommend again and again. Take a look and if anything looks great, click on the image and grab it off on Amazon.


Tate by Ella Frank: "Logan and Tate, in Tate, felt more real than romance.  We got to see a little more of their daily grind, their worries and challenges, and their love. " More from our review here.

The Outskirts by T.M. Frazier: "The Outskirts is also interesting because of all the moving pieces and parts that I found myself putting together as I read. The closer to the end I got, the more was revealed until I got to the last page and .... I WAS NOT PREPARED. " More from our review here.

Speed by BB Easton: "I can't help but admire how fearless B.B. Easton is to put a variation of her life and truth out into the world in such a funny and raw way." More from our review here.

Fingers crossed that my grading load gets lighter and my reading speed gets faster! In the meantime, happy reading, y'all.

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