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REVIEW: Crave: Part 2 by E.K. Blair

Title: Crave: Part Two
Series: Crave Duet #2
Author: E.K. Blair
Genre: New Adult Romance/Coming of Age
Release Date: October 16, 2017


Shel: Just as this book picks up with where the first one left off, I will plunge right in--no set up, no synopsis, other than to say--read book 1 before you start with this one. Court: But, can we say hat duets are kind of our new favorite thing? There isn't a huge series to get caught up on, but we get a meaty longer story. Like I said...favorite. But also what she said. Don't read part 2 without part 1! 

Shel: The ending of the first book in this duet had me so heartbroken and angry and wildly curious about how Ady and Kason would move forward. Crave, Part 2 immediately began with answers and it was as heartbreaking as you'd suspect. The first half of this book was angst and drama and melodrama and an unrelenting look at how people can be destroyed from the inside out. It was understandably hard to read and it made me want to offer solutions and help and to reach in the novel and offer comfort to these characters. Court: These kind are sometimes hard to read, but hard to quit. E.K. Blair has this amazing ability to really, really, really make your soul hurt...but at the same time tell a beautiful story that you cannot help but keep reading to find out just how hard she is going to pull on your heart strings. I don't know how we keep doing it, but it seems we are addicted and think you will be too! 

Shel: The second half of this novel was tumultuous in a different way. Relationships and friendships were created or changed--I had a lot of conflicting thoughts about what I wanted for all involved and even in the resolution felt bittersweet but truthfully, I don't know how I'd want it to end. Any choice I contemplated was going to make my heart hurt a little. Can I insert a tiny plea, here, E.K. Blair? Is there any possible way that the person my heart hurts for currently might could have a book? I feel like this person has a story to tell. Court: Amen. These kind are the most true to life, when the characters do things and make us feel things that we can think about in our own lives and experiences. I will keep on saying it until the end of time, that E.K Blair takes our heart out and puts in her hand. Sometimes she squeezes it a bit with her words, but finds a way to really keep the heart that we're looking for in her stories, and her words really touch our hearts as well. 

Shel: If you're looking for a read that's going raise questions, have real and messy and frustrating depictions, and after running you through a gamut of emotions (some not always good), read this duet.Court: Hahahaha. Shel feeling all the hangry feels, but she's not wrong. We really think you should check out Crave part 1 and part 2!!! 

Weeks became months, and months became years. Each day nudged Kason deeper into his addiction. Each memory of the girl destroyed fed the craving for what he could never have again. 

Leaving a life-altering first love behind, Adaline tried moving forward to find love and trust and happiness. Pain eventually faded, wounds slowly healed, yet scars were forever left behind.

But some scars feel like kisses.

When the shattered pieces of their hearts are forced to meet again, the two of them must decide how much pain their love is worth enduring.

This is what happens when one person loves beyond the craving and the other craves beyond the loving.

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Author Bio

E.K. Blair, takes her readers on an emotional roller coaster with her dynamic and intense writing style. Noted for her ability to create fleshed-out characters that will evoke a realm of reactions, you can be assured that her stories will linger with you far beyond the last word.

A former first grade teacher with an imagination that runs wild. Daydreaming and zoning out is how she was often found in high school. Blair tends to drift towards everything dark and moody. Give her a character and she will take pleasure in breaking them down, digging into their core to find what lies underneath.

Aside from writing, E.K. Blair finds pleasure in music, drinking her Starbucks in peace, and spending time with her friends. She’s a thinker, an artist, a wife, a mom, and everything in between.

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