Sunday, November 6, 2016

Oct faves

Of course I'm late posting this...of course. I'm the absolute worst about timeliness these days. Anyway, the end of October snuck up on me and here I am 6 days in November trying to narrow down last month's favorites (typical, isn't?). Here are just a few of many we enjoyed (click on the image for more info or to buy):

 Dark Matter tackled things that were way outside of my comfort zone--physics and parallel universes--but once I got into the book I could not put it down. Very interesting read!

 Staci Hart is becoming a habit for us--we don't even need to know what or who she's writing about, we know we're going to love it. Tonic was no exception; we loved our broody tattoo artist and his ice queen and think you will too.

 I will never call this series a guilty pleasure because I have absolutely no guilt about enjoying it. Twisted Palace kept us guessing all the way to the end and was perfect. We can't wait to see the spin-off books for this series!

 Headlined by an anti-hero and his love and written by Jay Crownover? There's no doubt I was destined to enjoy Honor and enjoy it I did. It may have felt like a risk for her to write this series and these characters but it's one of my favorite things she's done.

 Barbetti's Back To Yesterday tackled some things that you don't often see in New Adult romance and did so in a way that was authentic and emotional and hard to read sometimes. I am so glad she decided to write this novel and these characters the way she did--it was worth every second of the wait to read it.

 Honestly, I don't know that I could live around a real life Preppy without schooling him on a few things. But since he's a fictional characters I just sat back and marveled at how fucked up he was, how conflicted I felt about him, and how I can't wait to see how Frazier writes the ending of his story.

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