Monday, July 25, 2016

REVIEW: Ignite by Rebecca Yarros


Shel: Ignite, the newest release by Rebecca Yarros, is a quick but fulfilling read. If you haven't read the first book Point of Origin-- it's not necessary (we haven't read it yet and felt like we could understand how all the characters fit together and yet it wasn't so revealing that when we go back to read it, we'll feel like it's been spoiled). Court: This one was a lot of fun, and while we don't have to go back and re-read the other book available...I now realllllly want to, dang it!

Shel: So what made Ignite so satisfying? 

Shel: Two characters who love and respect each other? check.
Two characters who would do anything for their families? check.
Two characters who have chemistry? check.
Some angst but not too much? check.
An ending that makes sense for the characters? check.

Court: Check, check, check, check...except...they still gave me heart palpitations guys...loyalty and family definitely mean something to the people in this story and it is inspiring even if it was to their detriment sometimes.

Shel: Avery and River --for as much as both of these characters had lived through--deserved each other and that HEA that neither of them felt they'd have with each other. They were both such good people for those they loved, and each other. (HOW THE HELL DID THEY NOT HAVE A ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIP FOR 7 YEARS? Rebecca Yarros you like to torture some characters, yo.). Court: Right? And, how did we have such a fulfilling story cram packed into a novella? I don't know, but Rebecca Yarros did it. It was complete without being too quick. The scenes seemed chosen precisely and not a moment was wasted to show us how they felt about each other, and their family, and even some secondary characters really helped bring this one home.

Shel: I also enjoyed the secondary characters and the way they were woven into the story and even more than that, the Alaskan and Coloradoan (did I just make up a word?) landscape that Yarros describes. The addition of both the characters and the landscape really rounded out this quick read and made it feel richer and more than the length would suggest.  Court: I like a lot when the landscape adds to the story so much that it is almost its own character, and I think she agrees with me!

Court: I highly recommend this one, and Rebecca nailed it again! We love her writing, and love her strong heroines and hard working heroes.

If you're looking for a quick and satisfying read, Ignite is a great choice. And if you want to know more read the synopsis below: 

In Legacy, Colorado, I buried my father alongside his elite Hotshot team. 
Ten years later, I’ve followed in his footsteps—fighting fires in the mountains of Alaska with my brother.
Amid the flames, nothing ignites me like Avery Claire.
She’s stubborn, strong, sexy as hell, and my best friend. 
She also has no idea that I’m in love with her.
But Colorado is calling me home, needing every Legacy-born firefighter to successfully rebuild our fathers’ team. 
One night will change everything between us, 
But she’s tied to Alaska and my future is in Colorado.
Now I’m torn between what my honor demands, 
And what my heart can’t live without.

Find out more about Rebecca Yarros here:

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