Saturday, July 2, 2016

June 2016 Favorites

This month we had many more hits than we had misses and this last week we read a ton of great reads that we'll be reviewing next month. If any of these look interesting click on the graphic and it'll take you to the Amazon synopsis and buy links.


We're officially hooked on all things Renee Carlino. Our infatuation started with Before We Were Strangers and Swear On This Life sealed the deal. It's a story within a story. It's emotional and interesting and gave us a lot to think about--the intensity of first/true loves, the definition of family, the hardships of poverty and loss, to name a few--and we're still thinking about this book and these characters.

We love Dahlia Adler for so many things and one of the things at the top of that list is her books. Out on Good Behavior gave us the perfect end to this series--a last look at all of these friendships we've come to love, a fantastic f/f story, a wonderfully diverse cast, and the witty dialogue that we've come to count on in her novels. We're sad to see this series go and yet we know Adler must have some great things coming in the future.


Into The Tomorrows is Whitney Barbetti's best book to date, in our humble opinions. It ended on the most interesting to be continued we've seen in a while and we're dying to see where she takes the rest of this. This first book in the series began and ended with a promise of a tale of discovery and loss and there's more of that tale to be told. Sign us up for the next part!

Can Mercy Brown do any wrong? Uhhh, no. This series has been a great blend of romance and humor and music and we're hoping that it isn't over with Stay Until We Break. It brings us back to our footloose and fancy free days of college and dive bars and all of the things that go with that scene. Please give us more, Mercy Brown..or give us anything; we're loving what you're putting out there.

Paper Princess and Broken Prince have been the most deliciously wicked and fun reading we've had in a while. It's most definitely not a guilty pleasure because we feel absolutely no guilt about reading and promoting these books AT ALL. This series is like a 1980's night time soap opera updated to 2016 and it's completely addictive. The cliffhangers are so cliffy that if we didn't love the writers who make up Erin Watt we might want to push them off the cliff...instead we'll endure their torture and beg them for more.

We're looking forward to our July reads--they look promising. Until then, happy reading~~

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