Sunday, November 8, 2015

Favorite October Reads

I know I'm already a week into November but it's been hectic (grading papers takes time, y'all) and I'm battling this weird cold/allergy/throatfeelslikeI'veswallowedglass thing, so better late than never, right? In the last month I've read about 5,000 pages and many of those pages you'll see in the next few weeks. And as I look over this list, I wouldn't have done anything differently. Because wow these books, y'all. They must be read immediately, and that is not a drill. Read, read, read! 

I loved everything about this novel and I feel like I've shouted my love from the mountaintops since the first time I read it and if it feels like that to you, sorry but I'm not sorry. Cam Girl is just one of those novels that is so fresh; it's the exploration of the blurred lines of a friendship in the midst of an exploration of gender and sexuality; it's the guilt and anger and frustration and living through a horrible accident; it's asking us to think about family and friends and how they cope with the aftermath of an accident; it's a fascinating look at sex workers; it's all of this and so much more. With Raeder's beautiful prose, her interesting storyline, her snark, and inclusion of diverse characters it was absolutely impossible to put it down. You are going to love this book! I loved that with each page we got true human emotion, and conflict, and people who push away and how much you have to hold on tight to keep them even if it seems impossible. There was elements of suspense, and just pure "what is going to happen" craziness on my part, and I just loved every bit of this book, and the things that we can all learn from it. It is diverse, and full, and with epic writing, and epic characters you might just find yourself changed at the end too. 


What's not to love about a female tattoo artist? Seriously. I loved Ivy and her prickly ways. She has such a loyal heart, an infuriatingly huge stubborn streak, and is fiercely independent and I just fell in love with her did Sebastion Riker. This series of stand alones was a mix of suspense and romance and Surviving Ice was a great way to conclude it. If you enjoyed Tucker's Ten Tiny Breaths series, you will find these even more satisfying. As much as I loved the last one in this series (Chasing River), Ivy surprised us I think. I loved how this still brought in a new story line for one of the most fiercely independent characters, ever...but also the art. 


This series is just so much fun! With a Twist entertained us with a ballerina and man bun TA and we knew we'd follow this group of friends to the end of this series. In Chaser we have a this secret lover thing going on--Cooper and Maggie--and it's funny to see the lengths Cooper and Maggie will go to to try to keep their friends with benefits thing under wraps and when things go from funsies to real, it's interesting to see how tender and sweet Cooper is and how infuriating Maggie can be (I may have wanted to swat her a time or two). Tricky's book is up next and we cannot wait. I can't agree with you more, boo. The group of friends in this series don't take long to love...and when the threat of your brother killing both you and his best friend gets in the way of love, you know shenanigans are to follow.

What can I say? Kristen Ashley is my comfort food. Even if I didn't like her alpha males, I'd love her books because she writes women and their friendships in a way that I can relate to. I love how her female characters cherish their friendships and are their always there for each other. Obviously the mystery of how the couple will get together and what has the potential to keep them apart is a major part of the story but since I know they'll get their HEA, I tend to just sit back and enjoy the ride. In Walk Through Fire the story involves an event planner and her old love + MC guy and in Soaring we have a volunteer fire fighter/construction worker and an independently wealthy nursing home volunteer. Both very different stories and yet the underlying warmth and love are the same.  I haven't gotten to read Soaring yet, but I died through Walk Through I knew I would. I can't hardly put into words how much I loved it, and even though Shelley knew I would cry (and I did, several times) there is so much in this story! I am so excited for more Chaos, and it's one that can be read again and again. (P.S. I can't wait to devour the other too!!!)))


I've been very fortunate in that Ginger Scott has included me in her group of beta readers and so promoting this almost feels like cheating? But, I love Ginger and I've very much enjoyed her novels and Wicked Restless is one that should not be overlooked. It's "mature YA" and surprisingly darker than what I initially expected. Andrew and Emma's story is more complicated than I thought it would be and it's fraught with secrets and lies and love and hurt. I love that Ginger keeps me on my toes and does the unexpected. Check out Wicked Restless here. No, definitely not cheating, but I am so jealous! lol...but!!! I love Ginger, ever since the first time that we fell in love with her and her writing...and her boys that she gives such rich stories too. I am so in love with this book, and it was a huge surprise the turn it took from the rest of them...she shocked me! And in the end it woke me up and got me out of the funk I'd been in, so you must read this series too!!! 

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