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The ABC of sexiness is what modern-day wallflower Alexandra Harrington is looking for when she signs up for the Beginners class at New York’s hip pole dance studio Crystal’s.

The three pillars that have always defined Jack Daniels, computer expert and junior partner at up-and-coming software company Corporate Calls.

When a GLAMOROUS dance project brings the pair with a HISTORY back together attraction soars. But Lexa’s INSECURITIES are buried deep and JEALOUSY threatens to destroy the young couple. Will one unfortunate KISS drive them forever apart, or will they fight for their happiness and end up lucky in LOVE?
Published: September 2 2014
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Court: It is safe to say that thanks to Kristen Ashley, I have a penchant, or more aptly; a curiosity for pole I was very into the idea of this book when we received the request to review Bare Beginner.Shel: Yes, the synopsis caught my interest I am glad we did because I enjoyed it very much. 

Court: We began this story with Lexa observing a pole dancing class, and in an effort to make herself new and improved, and in her own, she decides to join and thus starts a chain of events in her life. I see these events as her very own intervention for herself and journey to becoming self confident and independent. And this helped me on my way to really enjoying this story...because Lord knows I need all the help I can get in those areas of life! Shel: Lexa was definitely on a journey of self awareness and discovery--for someone who has so much going for her, she's completely clueless about how people perceive her.

Court: Jack Daniels (heh, I had to giggle at that...but it works! Cute!) is trying to prove some things himself, and part of his journey is proving to his brother that he appreciated the sacrifices that he made for him. This leads to him being somewhat misguided...and a lot on edge when it comes to Lexa. Will he or won't he make a move already is a question that I had to ask a whole bunch of times!! Shel: I liked Jack a lot; he was an odd mix of meek and smart and, strangely, confident. He was a perfect gentleman to Lexa and a considerate brother to Michael--so much so that he almost sacrificed something important for the sole purpose of making sure the business stayed strong.

Court: While this novel might not have re-invented the wheel, I enjoyed it immensely. The characters are fun and funny. There is a something for everyone in the secondary characters...and I see the spitfire Molly getting her own story very soon. I love when a great story comes together, and this one did. I really enjoyed Lexa, and the new friends she met at her dancing class. I enjoyed Michael, and can anyone say go ahead and punch Mary-Lou right in her fake boob? Yep. That's what I thought, too. Shel: It was a sweet novel. I had some issues in the editing and, in some places, the dense description but it didn't hinder my enjoyment.

Happy reading folks, and have some fun with this one. 

I’m Austrian. Originally. But so far I haven’t found my permanent home. I lived in Sweden, UK, and currently in Australia. Who knows where I’ll end up next? And when?

In a former life, I was a track-and-field athlete and an IT specialist. I have two dogs who rule the household and a family who rules my world.

I enjoy reading, writing, and plotting new stories. I self-published my debut novel in April 2014. My first language is German, though I dream in English and have ambitions to become trilingual. I love a good thunderstorm, snow in winter, and chocolate in almost any form.

I write fantastic fiction with a romantic twist, because life is what’s happening anyway.

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