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Natalie Sullivan is on the verge of a breakthrough most archaeology grad students only dream of: discovering a lost city. Her research points to a farm in Ireland, but to excavate she needs permission from the new owner: the Michael O'Connor, popular NFL running back.

On TV Mike seems so charming and good-natured that Natalie figures getting his cooperation will be a breeze. So she's not prepared to deal with the arrogant—and adamantly opposed—man she meets in person. Or the way one look from him sends shivers down her spine…

Determined to kick-start her career, Natalie travels across the Atlantic and finds herself sharing an inn with Mike, who has come to Ireland in search of his roots. She tells herself her interest is strictly professional, but the more she gets to know him, the harder it is to deny her personal attraction to the sexy sports star. And when Mike confides why he refuses to allow the dig, Natalie must decide if she can follow her heart without losing sight of her dreams.

Kindle Edition, 229 pages
Published October 21st 2013 by Carina Press
Source: received from publisher via Netgalley 
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Our Review: 
As we seem to always do, we came into this series midway. HOW DO WE KEEP DOING THIS? Haha However, I didn't feel that it was to our detriment that this was the case, because these are all companions and each story stands on their own. The New York Leopards is a fictional football team that I for one would love to be real! Haha. 

This story is much more than the normal "girl meets hottie football player" then "girl falls in love with hottie football player and they fight, breakup and make up." This story is about so much more than that, and that is in large part to Ireland being a setting for the novel, and also being a huge part of its charm and character. I really enjoyed the parts about Ireland and the archeology and felt that this was all very well researched. There is nothing worse than feeling that a novel isn't researched at all, or that it is pretentious, and I didn't feel that way at all. Y'all might not agree, but I for one bought it! I concur! I loved the Ireland aspect and the history and townspeople and the overall warmth of the book. 

Then, there is Natalie and Mike. They don't get off on a great foot, of course and have to co-exist while Natalie tries to find more out about the history of the land, and Mike finds out about the history of his family. I probably got off on all of the family drama, because I too come from a large Irish (waaayyyy back Irish, I am sure, but large Catholic family all the same)...and I am a major history nerd, so the idea of finding this lost Harbor buried under a farm was intriguing. 

Natalie and Mike. Haha. Their dynamic, even when they weren't getting along, I just found amusing and sweet..and at times perplexing. But mostly, I enjoyed the way they were with each other: supportive and easy to like.

I also really enjoyed the writing. Allison Parr is a new one for us, and I don't think we were disappointed in the least (I'll let Shel make her own observations!) I can't wait to continue this series, and even though I know the outcome, I can't wait to read Ryan and Rachael's story from the first book! Yay! Yes, I enjoyed this novel. A few times I felt it may have been too bogged down in the history or details but that was the nature of this story, I think. I'm interested in seeing what her other novels are like.

Courtney: 4 Stars
Shelley: 4 Stars

About the Author: 
I’m a twenty-something nomadic writer. I’m a chocolate lover. I’m now a coffee lover, too, though I avoided drinking it for twenty-two years (I caved while bartending late nights in Paris).

I grew up in New England and I have an incurable case of wanderlust.

Sometimes I am such a city person that I can’t imagine living somewhere that doesn’t have an affectionate name for its subway system, while other months I end up in villages so small there isn’t even mail delivery, and going to the post office is a social occasion.

I currently have a three book deal with Carina Press. The first comes out in April and you can read about it on my Books tab; you can read about everything else on my blog.

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