Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Dancing with Danger by Kerrigan Byrne


 I’m pretty powerless when it comes to Kerrigan Byrne. I find her heroines fierce and interesting and fun (and sometimes funny) to read and her heroes are a good balance of feminist and smart, with a dash of snarling alpha thrown in for good measure.

In this short novel, Mercy and Raphael are given the Kerrigan Byrne treatment. There’s a problem to be solved, love to be realized (but only after being denied, of course), and a chaotic moment that throws everything into relief and realization. I enjoyed this quick read—the story, the banter, and the set up for the next Goode sister’s story (one I’m dying to read).

Dancing with Danger did not disappoint.


A brand-new deliciously wicked romance series from USA Today Bestselling Author Kerrigan Byrne. The Goode Girls aren't simply good, they're stunning.

Mercy Goode is only truly good at one thing: finding mischief wherever she goes. Such as getting arrested at a murder scene with Raphael Sauvageau, a brutally handsome, ruthless smuggler with a dangerous past and a dubious future. The silver-tongued devil doesn’t deserve a lick of her confidence, but she has evidence that he’s not the killer.

She can’t deny that he’s relentlessly wicked.

Raphael has no time for obsession. He’s an empire to run, a murder to avenge, and a plan to save his brother that is likely a suicide mission. But this clever, infuriating bluestocking--who insists she’s an amateur sleuth--keeps showing up where she doesn’t belong. And for some bloody reason they can’t seem to be in the same room without him yanking her into his arms and kissing her until they’re both breathless.

Power, prestige, and a staggering fortune hasn’t filled the abysmal void where Raphael’s heart should be...

Perhaps what he needs is a night with her.

Perhaps what he needs is redemption.

Perhaps what he needs is a bit of Mercy.

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