Monday, November 27, 2017

REVIEW: A Charm of Finches by Suanne Laqueur

There are some writers who immediately grab your heart and know exactly what to do with it. Suanne Laqueur has, in two books, earned my trust and my instant purchase of anything she writes. This woman knows how to tell a story. To rip me to shreds. To sew up my wounds with the tenderest of hands. Her storytelling is exquisite and I know I'd follow her down any rabbit hole, any yellow brick road, and any trail of crumbs she leaves I'm there. 

Her latest, A Charm of Finches, left me in a puddle of goo--worthless except my brain, which was whirring and processing and pondering. I rushed to get to the end to see how these characters were going to (if they were going to) make it out alive and loved and yet my instinct was to put on the brakes and s-l-o-w down. I just couldn't, though. The story of Stef and Jav and Geno had my heart in my throat and my curiosity piqued and I couldn't fully give anything my attention until I read their ending. 

I loved it. 

It broke me and yet I feel so comforted now, at the end. This novel is not an easy one-- be forewarned --but it was worth every heart dropping moment, every horrific scene, to get to the ending. I think. I'm still processing but ... I think it had to be exactly what it was for it to mean as much as it did.

I could ramble on forever and tell you how I'd read her fantasy novel of Trueblood if she wrote it and how fascinated I am by Jav's notebook and process. How inspired she made me to want to be and do better. How my heart is so full I want to smile and cry , simultaneously.

Just. Ugh. Go buy this book and love it like I did. And if you didn't, I really don't want to know about it.

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“I swear. Give me one more chance and I will make the most of it.”

Ex-escort Javier Landes is asking for his third chance at love. And the third time is the charm. He meets an art therapist named Steffen Finch and what starts as casual deepens into a passionate relationship—everything Jav has ever wanted, and everything he fears losing. 

Stef’s business card reads Curator & Sailor. His creativity and insightful nature have made him into a talented therapist, the one to call for tough cases. His professional success can’t conceal a deep need to connect with someone, but Javier Landes is the last person Stef expected.

Geronimo "Geno" Caan is Stef's most challenging case. To cope with his ordeal, he's allowed an alter-ego called Mos to make decisions, and now lives a double life within a web of lies. Under Stef’s navigation, Geno uses art to express what Mos forbids to be spoken aloud. But as Geno’s attachment to Stef gradually extends to Jav, the boundaries between professional and personal begin to blur.

Over the course of a year, Jav, Stef and Geno form an unexpected and unconventional triangle, revealing how men make love in times of war and how love is a great wisdom made up of small understandings. The long-awaited second book of the Venery series, A Charm of Finches is an epic tale of survival and secrets guaranteed to make you think and feel and remember.

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