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REVIEW: The Night Mark by Tiffany Reisz

Shel: You know what? Tiffany Reisz's name may have been what drew me to this novel but it's her writing and wicked storytelling abilities that keep me picking up her books. Honestly, The Night Mark is so far outside of my comfort zone that I know I probably would never have picked it up if it wasn't for Tiffany Reisz and there's a lesson there, a lesson I keep learning: Good writing and good storylines can get me out of my genre reading every time. 

Court: I'm so proud of you Shel. She is right though. Tiffany Reisz is a master storyteller, and every single time we read one of her books we get something different. She is a true artist, and I am so glad we read this book, because it was a beautiful blend of character and setting driven plot, a little bit of something different and twisty with some paranormal factors figured in - in truly a way that I didn't expect at all. She made me fall in love with every single character, and that was a gift in itself because some of them didn't really deserve it. 

Shel: The Night Mark swept me up in the story of Faye and Faith and Will, Carrick, Hagan, and Pat...and Dolly. I had to know how their stories would end and if Faye could find a way out of her deep grief; if Carrick would find happiness after a great loss; and what, exactly, did Pat know. In order to do this I had to do the easiest thing ever when reading a Reisz book: sit back, relax, and enjoy the story. I suspended my doubts and followed Faye into the waters of South Carolina and to her present, past, and future.

Court: We did. As I said, Tiffany's story is so beautiful and it is that the thought and research and effort she put into making this story wonderful shows through the pages. I mean, when I learned more about honing my writing craft from The Mistress than I did about sadism, know that she really puts a piece of her heart in her work and it really means a lot to her. And to us. Gah, I just really loved this book, and I really, really can't say too much about the specific plot but each scene gives us something with the timeline, the scenery, conversations was deep, and beautiful and really a special book. And I learned a lot about light houses, and that is so cool.

Shel: If you're a faithful Tiffany Reisz fan, you're going to love this novel. It's got so much heart and held me in its thrall--I couldn't put it down until I finished. I'm still thinking about Faye and Carrick and wondering all kinds of things about time travel now and that to me is the best gift of all--my imagination has been lit and it's all due to this novel. Thank you, Tiffany Reisz for the journeys you continues to craft and take me on.

Court: I really enjoyed that this one had a small tie to The Bourbon Thief, too. Bride Island was introduced in that book, and where this novel is set, and I thought that was pretty cool, too. Faye is a complex heroine for us to get to know, but I'm glad to have some thought provoking thoughts with her and this was a great read. 

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Source: Netgalley via Publisher

She has nothing to live for in the present, but finds there's something worth dying for in the past…

From Tiffany Reisz, the international bestselling storyteller behind The Bourbon Thief and The Original Sinners series, comes an enthralling new novel about a woman swept away by the tides who awakens to find herself in 1921, reunited with the husband she's been mourning for four years. Fans of Kate Morton and Diana Gabaldon will fall in love with the mystery, romance and beauty of an isolated South Carolina lighthouse, where a power greater than love works its magic.

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