Thursday, March 2, 2017

February Favorites + Trend Watching

It's been quiet in our corner of the world. I think it took us a while to recover from end of the year holiday rush and then BOOM! Mardi Gras season hit and it's taken us a while to get our heads back in the game.

 One trend I'm noticing in these early months of 2017 is definite increase in the number of duets and trilogies that have been coming our way and I'm secretly wondering if authors are trying to kill us off with their cliffhangers. I'm currently reading book 2 of a trilogy and I am actually boycotting the ending because I anticipate it's going to be pretty rough. It's funny though because as much as I'm dreading the ending, I'm looking forward to it too. I must be a masochist.

A few other trends I'm watching--a continuance of writers partnering together (so far, that's been a great trend!), more athletes (can we have more female athletes, please?!--and maybe something other than football?), more mature YA (I've been digging this a lot!), and I'm starting to see a trickling of politicians, and a small resurgence of billionaires and rock stars--though I guess none of these really ever went totally out of style.

A final thing I've been reading more of and enjoying: realistic fiction in YA and romance. I love a good fantasy like anyone else, but I've been enjoying the realism I'm reading too--it makes it that more powerful when the final word is read.

Enough of my rambles, here's really why you're here--the picks of the month. If you want to know more or purchase them, click on the book cover.

  Staci Hart decided to break our hearts and then put them back together, so if you're down for a serious case of the feels, this is the book for you. Find our review here.

 This series by MegTino ☺ feels so fresh-it takes on various aspects of cyber romance and always includes diverse characters and offers perspectives we want to read more of. Our reviews are here and here.

Karina Halle annihilated us with this first book and we're making grabby hands for the next one. See why we're dying for it here.

Book six in the Bellator Saga arrived and we devoured it. Cecilia London made this final book feel like a balm that healed all the wounds she inflicted in the first five books. Our review is here.

 After all of the heart stomping, we craved something a little more light-hearted and we found it in this royal series by Emma Chase. Read what we thought about it here.

I should warn you that next month we're going to be ranting and raving about the books we're currently reviewing--this should be a fun month of reviews. Until then, happy reading!

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