Sunday, September 4, 2016

August 2016 Top Reads

Take a look at our top picks for August. If any of them look good, click on the book cover and it'll take you to Amazon for more information.

This Love and Not About Love by Hilaria Alexander are both so satisfying. Each book tackles a couple who are trying to figure some things out and we get to follow along in their journey to figure out who they are and who they are to each other. Emotional, funny, and really good reads.

The First Taste  is our second novel by Jessica Hawkins and it was not what I expected at all. A single father falling for a woman who seems like she's a badass bitch?! It totally works and has me looking for what Hawkins is putting out next.

Professed is absolutely amazing. Nicola Rendell gave us smart, sexy characters. The pages in this book smoldered and when I finished it I felt like I was smarter for having read it. What more can a reader ask for? Nothing....except for the next book Confessed, which is out soon and also fantastic.

Bad Judgment by Meghan March is exactly what New Adult Romance is all about. Young, up and coming law students who have a love-hate-lusty relationship, building sexual tension, amazing chemsitry, strong male and female characters and a solid HEA. We loved this stand alone.

Author Anonymous by E.K. Blair was fucking intense. I've never detested a person or her actions as much as I detested Tori. Mad props to E.K. Blair for writing this book in a way that had me all sorts of twisted up and pissed; it's a testament to her writing that I stuck with it to the end, despite my despising every action that was taking place. I finished the book hoping that Tori got her shit together and figured somethings out. I guess we'll never know if that happened but we can hope, right?

We had a wide variety of reads this month and if the beginning of September is any indication, we're going to have a tough time winnowing down our list of favorites when it's time to pick for our next monthly favorites. Until then, happy reading.

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  1. I'm so honored! Thanks for reading & including The First Taste as a top August pick. ��


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