Saturday, June 18, 2016

REVIEW: Stay Until We Break by Mercy Brown


I am in love with this series and really what's not to love? As someone who went to college in the 90's and had a boyfriend (now husband) who was in a band, I love all the music and clothing references that Mercy Brown embeds; I swear I'm reliving my youth through this series and yet it doesn't feel dated or nostalgic--it feels fresh and fun. 

In Stay Until We Break, we get to watch Cole (the bassist) and Sonia (Emmy's roommate and the band manager) as they futilely try to resist each other. Their not so covert longing gazes, their slight miscommunications, and their eventual capitulation to what they really want makes for some really funny, steamy, and tender moments--all against the backdrop of a 3 week road tour. 

As with any novel, there must be conflict and Mercy Brown definitely provides that with Cole's need to quit the band so he can provide for his sister's education and Sonia's desire to see the band 'make it', but that's always a slight undercurrent to all of the other hilarity and sweetness that this band gives us on every page. Joey (the drummer), Emmy and Travis, and the other bands on tour were amusing and the craziness of tour life had me laughing out loud a lot (I loved the firecracker wars and the general shenanigans and yet complete support the bands gave each other). 

Without a doubt, having a writer who played in a band in the 90's has enhanced the description of being on the stage and created an experience for us that is completely immersive and authentic and I'm hoping against hope that there's more to this series and more that Mercy Brown wants to write beyond this series because I can't wait to get my hands on it all.

Want to know more about this book? Read the synopsis below or buy it here:

What happens on the road stays on the road in the latest New Adult novel from the author of Loud Is How I Love You.

Twenty-one-year-old Sonia Grant, a business major, has big plans for a career in the music industry. So when she’s offered the job of tour manager for her best friend’s band, she jumps at the chance for some real life experience. When her number one crush, bassist Cole McCormack, jumps her the first night on tour, she hopes she’s in for three weeks of some hot backstage action, too. But Cole turns out to have more up his sleeve than she or anyone realized.

Nobody knows that Cole is on the road to party like a rock star one last time before quitting his dream to take a more practical job and settle down. What he hadn’t planned was to fall in love with a girl he believes is out of his league. Will Cole play out the rock star fantasy he thinks Sonia wants from him, or tell her the truth and take the chance that she’ll either break his heart or make an even bigger dream come true?

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