Wednesday, July 22, 2015

REVIEW: The Punishment of Ivy Leavold by Sierra Simone (Markham Hall #3)

I ran as far as I could, but I knew he would find me. In fact, I counted on it.

I counted on him punishing me too.

Once Ivy Leavold learned the truth behind the night of her cousin's death, she knew should couldn't stay with Julian Markham any longer and fled to London on what was supposed to be the day of their wedding. But Julian Markham is not the kind of man who takes running away lightly, especially when he finds out that Ivy still wants him...

Kindle Edition, 124 pages
Published March 9th 2015
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Shel: In this final installment of Ivy's story we join her as she arrives at her aunt's house--an aunt much younger than Ivy was prepared for. We see that she's horribly conflicted about her feelings for Julian and just when you think things might go one way, they go another. Court: I felt so much angst for her leaving him. But, one way or another...she needed to take some time out of the all emcompassing-ness that he is, to find herself. I think in this era...that is something that was hard for women to do. And I liked this aspect, a lot.

Shel: Luckily, Julian has the sense to have Silas as a friend--a friend who plants the seeds of really good ideas in both of their heads. And then our job is to sit back and enjoy the ride..and what a ride it is. The steam factor is here in FULL FORCE Court: OMG...hotter than a whore in church. I just, whew. I knew how hot Sierra's writing is, but I must've forgotten...she upped the ante on us just a bit...but yes, Silas and his infalliable ability to show up when he is needed is the bomb.

Shel: well as some returning characters, plot twists, and at the end? A promise of more of this series to come. Court: I am so excited where things ended, and where we're going! Silas gets his own part. Hells yes. 

Shel: If you're looking for a modern, erotic, historical romance (that's quite a description, isn't it?!), then I think you'll find this series to be a good one to read. Court: It is. Especially since I am not always one to be a big fan of historical romance, and this series just might make me change my mind. Or atleast, I'll always have Sierra Simone to read over and over again! 

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