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Jessica Fury, Washington lobbyist, has money, connections, and her own firm. But five years ago she had something better: happiness. Her firefighter husband, Quaid, was handsome, courageous, and crazy about her. Then one day he walked into a chemical inferno—and never walked out. Jessica has been through hell to get back on her feet. And then a rumor surfaces that could bring a miracle or shatter her world – again.

Q has been a prisoner forever. He’s honed his mind and body into weapons. He’s developed abilities no one else understands. But he’s still at the mercy of a cabal of ruthless men, who blank his memory, test him like a lab rat, and tell him lies. Although his past has been erased and his future looks grim, instinct tells him he has a woman to live for. What his mind can’t remember, his body can’t forget…

The heat is on.

Paperback400 pages
Published August 27th 2013 by Brava
Received eGalley from publisher via NetGalley for review

Our Review:

So somewhere a long the way to starting this book I had forgotten that it was a companion and book three in the Phoenix Rising series. So I had no idea what the Phoenix Rising part meant, or what these people had been through to make them a Fantastic Four-esque crew...BUT I felt like we get quite a few details in the beginning where the confusion was minimal. I stopped being confused, and realized I had already devoured over 40% of this book in a very short amount of time due to the fact that it is non-stop action packed awesomeness! became apparent to me, quickly, that this was a part of a series but I knew that if I stuck with it that I would sort the plot out...and I totally did!

Jessica and Quaid Legend have been through a lot of bad shit. Bad, bad, bad shit. And just when Jessica thinks that she is starting to get her life back together between the accident that changed their entire team forever, and deal with her friends seemingly giving up on her...bad, bad, bad shit starts happening again...!!! Uhhhh...yeah!They had to not only overcome the issues out of THEIR control, but they also had to deal with their emotions and fears and questions. GAH!

The team is awesome. Absolutely awesome. Even though we personally started this mid-series, that definitely does not mean that you have to. I for sure cannot wait to read about the rest of their stories, but most especially Mitch's that is next. He is funny. They all form a big family, and when they find this prisoner named Q who has been used for military super soldier experiments they try their damnedest to get him to absorb into it.Exactly! I want to read the first two books and the next ones just so I can understand WTF just happened and where we are going next! I'm not gonna lie...the ending was HEA but abrupt and I"m damn curious!

I very much enjoyed this book, and cannot wait to add more titles from this author into our TBR list. This was our first novel of hers, and I enjoyed it very much! ME TOO!

Courtney: 4 1/2 stars
Shelley: 4 1/2 Stars

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About the Author: 
USA Today bestselling author of passion, danger and suspense. 

I live in the magnificent wine country of California's central coast with my husband and two daughters.

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