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Doing her best to make the most out of life's adventures, Mary's plan never included paying off student loans by cleaning up other people's mess at Gurst International. But when that mess gets deeper and darker than her wild imagination can conceive, Mary finds herself in over her head in a world she's far more involved in than she knows. Her only road to safety is traveled in the passenger seat next to a man who has spent half his life imprisoned and most his life fighting for it, while an underground war and its killers close in on them.

Mary believes in taking all the worth and happiness one can get out of life in order to live free. Ash has lived his life for freedom without knowing what it means. Mary is caught in the run for her life, and Ash in the power of his enemies and the binds of his demons, when they embark on the greatest adventure they've ever known—the one that could lead them to freedom, acceptance, and, maybe, to love.

ebook256 pages
Published August 9th 2013
Received eCopy from author in exchange for honest review

Our Review---

Starting in the wind, I think we really had no idea at all what to expect. It sounded to have a "things that go bump in the night, and scare me to death" vibe...with this guy that was imprisoned, and a girl who gets caught up in the middle of it all. In the end, we get what I have told Shel a few times a cross between The Edge of Never & Killing Sarai. In a word: epic!Yep. Totally had no clue what to expect with this one. I guarantee this is one of the most under-reviewed books of the year. There is nothing out there about it...which is too bad because it's a good read.

This novel is part RUN FOR YOUR LIVES, part us vs. them, and part love story. It's told from viewpoint of Mary--an under employed, head in the clouds, young woman. She's working at a new job where she hears unusual and suspicious sounds...chalks it up as paranoia only to be plunged into the mystery of those noises one fateful night when Ash (our main male character) snatches her from her job. From here on out a story of mad scientists and a corrupt corporation mixes with the back stories of Ash and Mary as they try to outrun the mysterious force of people out to kill them and the group that Ash is affiliated with.

I would be completely freaked by that...but since I'm pretty paranoid in general...working in a corporation cleaning by myself at night would not be my ideal job. But when the unknown sounds turn into unknown people...well things start getting cray cray. The action is turned on and doesn't really stop for anyone or anything. Mary is essentially kidnapped...she doesn't know by whom and she doesn't know why. I again, would be completely freaked...but Ash proves early on that he is in charge...and things slowly evolve between them because Mary (like myself) chatters non-stop when she is nervous (and I think she is nervous a lot!) so he has no choice but to kiss her to shut her up! Cue cuteness + fun times! And secrets + spying + running + all of our favorite things!  

There's some intrigue, some paranoia, and a constant sense of danger as Mary and Ash crisscross the country to get from one safe house to another. By the time we get to the end of their story, some of the mystery has been revealed but there are so many questions to be answered---I want to know more about the bad guys (and the good ones too, for that matter), more about Mary and Ash and their backgrounds, and how will this all end. According to the end, there is another novel coming in this series but I haven't seen anything about it..yet. 

Yeah...I wanna know more about the corporation. What are they doing? Why are they doing it? How are they getting away with experimenting on humans and no one knows about this? Then there is the group that Ash has been associated with practically his entire life. They are basically the resistance...but how did they get their start? Why can they never dismantle the bad guys? How many more people must die for this cause? How will Mary and Ash find their way to one another and keep going on this path. Ahhhh, the insanity and the question are killer! But I really loved this book even though there was quite a bit we don't know by the end of it! 

Shelley: 4 Stars
Courtney: 5 Stars

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About the Author---
Annie Buren was born in New Jersey and currently lives in Pennsylvania, where she is married to her writing and chocolate. She enjoys writing and reading all genres of fiction, but her interest is held primarily by romance and all its sub-genres. When she's not covered in ink, she takes care of Little Guy, her pet air plant, who has been around long enough to witness the atrocities to more demanding plants and has since learned better.

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