Friday, April 5, 2024

REVIEW: Wild Card by Staci Hart


Staci Hart is baaaaack; thank the Lordt! And what a comeback! Wild Card is a delightful mix of humor and sexiness and sweet romance. We've got Remy, Mr. Hot Stuff, baseball player, smirking bartender and Jessa, Ms. Prim and Proper, British, Queen of snark...a match made in heaven. They get thrown together when his cousin's (aka her BFF) wedding takes over his small town and his rundown cottage is the last available space for her to stay. Day 1 shows us that their attraction to each other is instant and mutual and their snarky banter is going to be the absolute best. As the days go on and they get to know each other, it's easy to see how compatible they are. They're both kind and generous and a little lost, when it comes to their futures. With time to kill between wedding events, the conversations they have reveal things--his pushed aside dreams and her desire for a life beyond the social calendar her family wants her to abide. They also learn that they must keep their burgeoning romance a secret, as his cousin/her BFF has forbidden them to hook up. Fortunately for us, they can't seem to help themselves and they explore more than their personalities...that dryer scene!...lordy have mercy...the hotness...the filthy mouths...the hot. 

All this to say that Remy and Jessa are the perfect match and the perfect comeback for Staci Hart. 



The hot baseball player I’m forced to stay with for my best friend’s wedding is off limits.

Remy Winfield has more muscles than manners, and he’s on a mission to get me into bed by way of the filthiest mouth I’ve ever wanted to kiss. He doesn’t care about my long time crush or my certainty that we’re finally about to happen.

Remy's sure I’ll break first and kiss him, and he’ll tease me to the limit to make sure I do. I might be a Lady, but I can still play his dirty little game. It’s perfectly safe, totally harmless.

Until I fall for him.

Suddenly, Mr. Long-Time Crush doesn’t matter at all.

And my best friend can never know.

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