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REVIEW: The Christmas Fix by Lucy Score


By the time this review posts, it'll be wayyyyy beyond the Christmas season; the beauty of this novel, however, is that it doesn't need to be Christmas for you to enjoy it. The story of Cat and Noah is a tale as old as time--mortal enemies (because they don't really know anything about each other) who will eventually find out that they're both as good as people think they are. They'll begrudgingly give the other the trust and accolades that they deserve and as they get to know each other, love will soon follow. 

The Christmas Fix was a fun one. Cat is the hot, hardworking renovation reality tv star with a heart of gold (hiding behind her snark) and Noah is the hot, hardworking city manager also with a heart of gold (hiding behind his trust and control issues). Together they'll make you laugh and feel good at their happily ever after.

Fun, quick read. 


She’ll save Christmas just to spite him…

There’s only one thing standing in the way of Cat King saving a small town’s Christmas festival: Grumpy town manager Noah Yates.

Single dad Noah takes his responsibilities seriously. When a late season hurricane turns Merry, Connecticut, into a disaster, he’s left scrambling to pick up the pieces of the town he loves.

At least, until home renovation expert and smoking hot reality TV star Catalina King arrives with a camera crew and a budget big enough to put the town back together again. But Noah doesn’t want a celebrity diva capitalizing on their tragedy 
or filling his daughter’s head with visions of glitz and glam.

Blonde bombshell Cat is used to being underestimated, but Noah has an uncanny knack for getting under her skin. They can’t be in a room together without rubbing each other the wrong way…except that time in the dark alley where the rubbing was just right. Can these enemies work together to pull off a Christmas miracle or will their fighting leave them both on the naughty list?

Author’s Note: These enemies-to-lovers deliver the holiday feels with a dirty-talking hero, ballsy blonde who never backs down, steamy hot break-the-dining-room-table sexy times, and a small town that still believes in the magic of Christmas.

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