Monday, October 17, 2022

REVIEW: A Cosmic Kind of Love by Samantha Young


If you read the acknowledgements of 
A Cosmic Kind of Love, Samantha Young mentions that she doesn't think she's read a romance with an astronaut featured and it got me thinking, and I don't think I have either. It's something I didn't realize I was missing until I read this novel. 

In this novel, Hallie is a smart, ambitious event planner for one of the hottest firms in NYC and Chris is a retired astronaut trying to figure out his next move. They end up together through an unusual meet cute--she accidentally opens up his video diary (sent to her client  (his ex-girlfriend) who accidentally sent it to Hallie) and becomes hooked on the smart, sexy, kind Chris. In an effort to even the score, once she's binged all of his videos and feels guilty about it, she sends him some video diaries, thinking he's never seeing them (even though he is) and all of that leads to them meeting at his ex-girlfriend's engagement party, planned guessed it, Hallie. Upon their first meeting, Hallie admits to watching his videos, he doesn't admit to watching hers, but the attraction is immediate so he concocts a plan to have her plan an event for him as a way to get to know her better.

It's through their meetings that their romance begins and we get to know more about them--their messed up childhoods, their insecurities, and just how really awesome they both are. Of course, their path to an HEA isn't straight--there are several events and obstacles that throw them some curves--but ultimately, the things that they have to overcome aren't too terribly painful and we don't have to suffer too much to get to that happy ending. 

A Cosmic Kind of Love is a quick read with pages packed with funny moments, as well as moments that are more emotional. The characters are easy to fall in love with and you can't help but want them to end up together, living their best lives. 



Space is the last thing an event planner and an astronaut need in this charming new romantic comedy from New York Times bestselling author Samantha Young.

When event planner Hallie Goodman receives party-inspiration material from the bride of her latest wedding project, the last thing she expects to find is a collection of digital videos from Darcy’s ex-boyfriend. Hallie knows it’s wrong to keep watching these personal videos, but this guy is cute, funny, and an astronaut on the International Space Station to boot. She’s only human. And it’s not long until she starts sending e-mails and video diaries to his discontinued NASA address. Since they’re bouncing back, there’s no way anyone will ever be able to see them...right?
Christopher Ortiz is readjusting to life on earth and being constantly in the shadow of his deceased older brother. When a friend from NASA’s IT department forwards him the e-mails and video messages Hallie has sent, he can’t help but notice how much her sense of humor and pink hair make his heart race.
Separated by screens, Hallie and Chris are falling in love with each other, one transmission at a time. But can they make their star-crossed romance work when they each learn the other’s baggage?

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