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REVIEW: Heartbreaker by Sarah MacLean



I am completely in love with the Hell's Belle's and every book in this series just gets better and better. In Hearbreaker we get to know more about Adelaide, the best pickpocket in all of London. She comes from a ne'er-do-well father--'king' of a dangerous street gang--but had the chance to escape and become part of the gang of 4 women who are out to right wrongs and uplift other women. 

In Heartbreaker, Adelaide is working with her counterparts to help protect a woman from her evil father. Mixed up in this mission is a certain Duke--the Duke of Clayborn--because of his brother's interest in marrying the young woman who desperately needs to go into hiding; he's also been mixed into this because he also poses a threat to the evil father, as we find out after Adelaide thieves some things from her father, including a box belonging to the Duke. Complicating all of this, both Addie and Henry (the Duke) find themselves in her dad's office both trying to steal something important to them. Increasing the complication? The Duke almost gets them caught.

As the plot progresses we learn that both Addie and Henry have been watching each other for a while. Addie finds him intolerable and Henry finds her intriguing. When they race to find and protect Henry's brother and his love, he learns that Addie is more than capable of handling herself, much to his surprise and delight and she learns that he's not quite the entitled toff that she imagined him to be. Over the course of a couple of weeks, their being thrown together reveals more and more and their mutual affection blossoms. This was part of my pure enjoyment of this novel--their discovering each other--their secrets and who they really are--and how they were more alike than I think either suspected. I love a good reveal and when people are forced to admit, despite their grumpy resistance, that they really actually like the person standing in front of them.  

Equally delightful is seeing and learning more about the Hell's Belles. They are pure joy--they made me smile and laugh and I could read their interactions and shenanigans all day long and not ever be bored with them--I cannot wait to read Imogene's book! Additionally, seeing how their 'network' worked filled me with admiration. 

I cannot recommend this series enough--it's a great mix of romance, chemistry, humor, and plot and I cannot wait for the next book in this series. 



New York Times bestselling author Sarah MacLean follows her highly acclaimed Bombshell with Heartbreaker, featuring a fierce, fearless heroine on a mission to steal a duke’s secrets…and his heart. 

HEARTBREAKER Hell’s Belles, Book 2

A Princess of Thieves

Raised among London’s most notorious criminals, a twist of fate landed Adelaide Frampton in the bright ballrooms of Mayfair, where she masquerades as a quiet wallflower—so plain and unassuming that no one realizes she’s the Matchbreaker…using her superior skills as a thief to help brides avoid the altar.

A King of Reputation

Henry, Duke of Clayborn, has spent a lifetime living in perfection. He has no time for the salacious gossip that arises every time the Matchbreaker ends another groom. His own reputation is impeccable—and the last thing he needs is a frustrating, fascinating woman discovering the truth of his past, or the secrets he holds close.

A Royal Match

When the two find themselves on a breakneck journey across Britain to stop a wedding, it’s impossible for Clayborn to resist this woman who both frustrates and fascinates him. But late-night carriage rides make for delicious danger…and soon Adelaide is uncovering Clayborn’s truths, throwing his well-laid plans into chaos…and threatening to steal his heavily guarded heart.

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